Making Dreams Come True With Practical Designs & Sensible Architecture|Meet Architect Prashant Parmar and his Design Firm

He may begin his story with a short and simple sentence; however, his achievements continue to be never ending with his mastery in Construction and Designs. Making practical designs and sensible architecture in the spaces he creates, Architect Prashant today is a much sought-after Architect. He is the founder of Shayona Consultant Firm, one of the most established architectural and interior practices in Ahmedabad.

Shayona Consultant Firm has outstandingly executed over a thousand projects, with at least 40 projects annually, both national and international, and has an expertise of over 20 years in the field of Architecture and Interior. Architect Prashant Parmar had started professional practice in 2000 while perusing his education and has since been delivering a variety of innovative design solutions for a wide range of developments such as…

High End Residential Bungalows


Corporate Offices,


Industrial campuses, 

Large Spiritual & Cultural Complexes

They are actively participating in helping to create cultural campuses and spiritual experiences for BAPS Swaminarayan Sect, a respected worldwide NGO. They have created more than 100 cultural campuses for BAPS ranging from 5 acre to 25 acre that are spread all around the globe!

The Firm focuses on enhancing people’s lives by presenting them with economic designsthat become a long-lasting trend in the society. The firm, ever ready for the challenges, works with its better management skills to deliver the project on the dot, given the time. The firm trusts in transparent dealing with pre-planning execution and detailed workmanship and handles the projects well with both extremes as well as economic clients.

Services provided by Shayona Consultant Firm: 

  • Architecture
  • Interior
  • 3D
  • Structure
  • Landscaping

Born on 03 May 1979 in Ahmedabad, the prodigious Prashant was gifted with an unusual self-sculpting talent. Being the son of a prestigious General Manager of a bank, he did not have any family background of architects. However, having incorporated his father’s experiences and life ideals into his own, Prashant turned his struggles into a legend of success and became a motivating force to many.

Prashant had excelled in learning from an early age and having completed his schooling in St. Xavier’s in 1995, he got into the study of architecture with a pursuit of extreme interest and passion. He says,

 “It was important for me to study in CEPT (Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology, currently known as CEPT University) but it was more important to shape my life at that time. So, despite getting admission in CEPT, I chose to stay and study in APC (Akshar Purushottam Chhatralaya), Vidyanagar, a school for making life. APC is a unique hostel cluster managed by socio religious organization BAPS. And that’s why I entered APIED School of Architecture in 1996.

Prashant, who looked like a normal student in his first year, consistently topped the list from the third year to the fifth year due to his tireless hard work and unique insight in the field of architecture. He has left a mark on the professors of the college, who, even today, are proud to remember their influential student, Prashant. He believes what Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, ‘An institution is a lengthened shadow of one man.’

While Ar. Prashant Parmar was completing his B.Arch from Arvindbhai Patel Institute of Environmental Design (APIED), Vallabh Vidhyanagar in 2001, he had persistently earned the appreciation and good compliments from his professors and of course from his valuable clients for his great and innovative ideas.  Ar. Prashant Parmar has a uniquely great sense of architecture and interior that gives out an out-of-the-box result by maximizing utilization of space, source of light & flow of natural air. These sensible design aspects make every project unique and yet more elegant. This led him to start upon the projects during his collage time. As he has incorporated all these aspects into his Firm, he has been able to win the hearts and brighten the faces of several valuable clients. Shayona Consultant, a lengthened shadow of the prodigious Ar. Prashant Parmar, has timeless relationships with its clients that are of the greatest likes of the reputed builders, well-known doctors, chartered accountants, government officers, and multinational business personalities among many others.

During his college days, Prashant studied well the opportunities and shortcomings of the current field of that time.  Knowing that just having knowledge of architecture or just having knowledge of interior designing can never give you a practical result, having your expertise in both fields will always keep you ahead. And hence, Prashant also pursued training from a well-known interior designer after completing his training with a well-known architect. “Even though I was an architect, it was uncommon for an architect to work under an interior designer at that time, but for me it was quite natural,” Prashant clarifies his perception.

Thus, after gaining experience in both architecture and interior designing, Prashant started his personal practice, and due to this unique perspective and innovative approach towards architecture, people who came in contact with him during his college days emerged as his valuable clients over the period of time.

Describing the first project of his career, Prashant says,

“I had academic knowledge at that time, while my contractors had experience. I decided that even though I am a degree holder architect, I should learn something new from the experience of all my contractors who are non-degree holders.  And my approach to learning has been very useful to me going forward.”

Thus, Prashant started his career by setting up an architect and interior designing firm under the name of Shayona Consultant. He reminds himself and to everybody,

Don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits.”

Prashant’s father was a general manager at the bank and used to get transferred time by time.  Thus, the primary and secondary education of Prashant took place in different cities and towns of a diverse country like India. Each city or town has different lifestyle, different colors of society, different educational systems, and different social circles.  All of this was a new kind of challenge for Little Prashant. Ar. Prashant says,

 “I never find it challenging to move from old social circles to new social circles. I got a lot of love and warmth from the people there. Not only that, I was always curious to understand the different design of monuments and local buildings and the language of its architecture. Although at that time it was just a child’s instinctual curiosity, today I realize that it was always a subject of my interest and hobbies.”

 This quality of Prashant still gives him a lead over others when it comes to dealing with customers in his business life.

For some of the challenges faced by him, Prashant went through medical treatments during a time that was important for his career. Professors and friends advised him to take the drop, but Prashant, who lived up to his limits and his capability, fought the situations with hard work and indomitable will power. And the result was inspiring for all, Prashant topped in his college. Describing his experience, Prashant says,

                       “The joy I had in achieving my goal at that time was unique.”

He got PR of Canada in 2005, but in his hometown, where he built his career and where he was working in various fields of architecture, he gave priority to the country in the midst of such a tempting situation and accepted to work in India.

His Major achievements are:


Developers and clients always expect cost effective designs but also aesthetically appealing. It is the challenge for architects to give best results even when limited by budget and time constraints. And so, Architect Prashant exposes his viewpoint upon this challenge by saying,

 “By experiments of multiple material options in hundreds of projects, now it is our expertise to make a project aesthetically strong even after budget and time constraint.”

Architect Prashant shares his experience of early days of his career,

“It was a huge challenge for me during the initial years to win new clients. However, I kept my confidence at the peak and my patience won. Slowly but firmly, I started to get new clients which resulted in many satisfied customers due to my ethical practice. The clients always keep full trust upon the architect to make their dream project come true. At that point, as an architect, I have to give the best to them so as to satisfy my clients. It is a challenge forever!”

After completing more than a thousand projects during his career ranging from 5000 sq.ft. to 30,000 sq.ft carpet area for an individual residential house, Ar. Prashant reveals one of his most impressive projects with us naming ‘Stepped Cube House’.

Talking about the challenges in this project, Architect Prashant honestly says,

“The plot size was just 2600 sq.ft. which was the smallest plot range worked in my career. This small plot was itself a unique challenge or I can say an interesting part for us to accommodate the client’s programmatic requirements in this compact plot size. He wanted 4 – bedrooms, with a drawing room, dining area, kitchen and a formal living space connected to the garden and of course, each of them should be reasonably large! He also required a lift in his house. As I said, this was the smallest project ever done in my career but our sensitive approach towards the design and client’s requirements was such that it eventually got appreciations from the ICI Ultratech resulting in an award to this project – the ‘ICI-Ultratech Outstanding Structure of the year Award 2020’. The project was also appreciated by Buildofy (India’s No-1 Youtube Architecture Channel) whose video has already been watched by over 1.7 lakh viewers. Later this project was published in Buildcon Architecture magazine with over 50,000 copies.

It was a large bunch of requirements, but our team made it possible. It feels good that this project was awarded with a number of achievements but I would admit that my biggest achievement in this was my client’s satisfaction.”

The Architect also talks about one of his most appreciated projects, ‘Urban Frame House’. He says,

“I can say, it is my dream home. It is the house of light; it is the house of nature and it is the house of frames. That’s why we named it ‘Urban Frame House’. It is a unique combination of aesthetics and practical aspects which a client always expects from me. Though I have designed and developed it for my client to make his dream come true, for me, this project is very near to my heart.”

Life has been indeed an enlightening journey for him. He viewed,

“It is very simple yet important to understand that life is short and needs to be lived with passion and intent. You have to make money to succeed, and winning design awards will probably help you succeed, but they should be understood as mere milestones towards destiny while that destiny is something you need to think very carefully about. Some determinations that serve people well include the wellbeing of our community; providing our clients with consulting that makes a real difference to their success; designing projects that reduce environmental harm; and designing projects that increase the quality of life of the people who are going to utilize them. As an Architect, we have a wonderful chance and concern to create things that improve the lives of others, and this provides wonderful chances for practitioners to find very rich and expressive careers.”

The upcoming and the aspiring architects must learn a lot from the journey of Architect Prashant. He has few words for them,

 “Plan for a 20-year instead of thinking for short term life goals. A 20-year plan is really the length of a well-thought-out career, and therefore, if you are looking to plan a meaningful career, you will need to think about it in a 20-year time frame. For Architects, learning is an endless process, which continues till the last breath. So, an architect should be practical, creative and delivering functional designs throughout his career. Every day, there will be new challenges in the field and new products in the market. So, one should be aware of all of them. One needs to sharpen his edges, get aware of latest technologies and make new experiments in his practice to give something better to the society. In other words, it is a way of your brain cutting through the clutter and noise of everyday life to make sense of what is important to you and what is not!”

Although the Firm’s major practice involves architecture and interior for residential and commercial complexes, they have actively participated in helping to create cultural campuses and spiritual experiences for BAPS Swaminarayan Sect, a respected worldwide NGO, ranging from 5 acre to 25 acre that are spread all around the globe!

The future has lot more stored for Architect Prashant to achieve as he dares to dream big. He speaks about his future plans,

 “In the 20 years of my professional career, I have tried to upgrade people’s lifestyle without disturbing the balance of the environment. I will continue and try to give back what I have got in my life from society. I will work for the society, for the upgradation of people’s lifestyle balanced with the environment which will lead us to a better future.”

When you tame noble thoughts, you are sure to win happiness and success, and so is Architect Prashant Parmar

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Beginup wishes Architect Prashant Parmar and his firm all the very best for the future endeavors!

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