Meet Nandini Arora, Founder of NOW -The Design Studio

An interior designer with the traditional belief yet scientific in practise, Nandini Arora is a fine example of a logical artist. Born and raised in Delhi, Nandini Arora did her Bachelors in Interior Design from Apeejay Institute of Design, New Delhi affiliated to Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar from 2008-2012. In 2015 she moved to Milan, Italy to enhance, polish and understand international design standards. She did her Masters from Scuola Politecnica Di Design, Milano, Italy from 2015-2016. She is a certified vastu consultant and also a lecturer for graduate and post graduate students at Academy of Applied Arts. 

Not only an artist, professor Nandini is a polished Academician who is seen to share her knowledge and train the students of Art. Her father is a businessman in trading business of sanitary fittings with the name of Watercare. And, her mother a homemaker. With no one so artistic as her at home, designer Nandini knew how to keep her passion forever alive and turn it into her career. She started taking freelance interior projects from 2011 while in her final year. After that, she worked with several well renowned designers, architects and furniture manufacturers in the city. She also kept pursuing freelance work for family and friends. Her passion for art and determination led her to intern in Milan for a while. She came back to India in 2017 and continued doing freelance projects and worked for an Indian company representing luxury brands in India giving her a deeper insight on luxury interior and furniture market in India and across globe. 

In the year 2018, she brought up her enterprise now – a multidisciplinary interior design firm. She is a qualified vastu consultant which adds finesse to her work. She also deals in 17 Italian luxury furniture brands in India. NOW is a multi-disciplinary design studio. It expertises in providing interior design, furniture and decor services. The firm takes interior design projects for all types of spaces be it commercial or residential space. Our services provided are both turnkey and consultancy as per clients’ requirement. NOW specialises in luxury spaces and Importing luxury furniture from Italy and across the globe. They have a wide range of best furniture brands in the world. NOW also manufactures and designs bespoke furniture as per clients’ budget, taste and design. Her team comprises of finest craftsmen, carpenters, EPC and surface vendors in India. They cater to hotels, restaurants and private residences. NOW has its own unique interior and furniture design solution, innovative furniture and products which fill the gap between design and user requirement. The Founder says,

“We believe in healthy living. We believe in Vastu Shastra. Our services include complimentary/free vastu tips. The spaces designed our vastu friendly. Therefore, NOW is a wholesome Interior and furniture design brand.”

NOW deals with Residential, Commercial, Hospitality, imported luxury furniture brands, Bespoke furniture, 3d Visualisation, Product Design, Art consultancy and Scientific Vastu.


Her challenging project delivered as she states is Parco – a 4-seater rest zone which is meant to sit with legs stretched especially in commercial areas. It is meant for places like malls, offices, hospitals, airports, libraries, hotels, children’s park, exhibition ground, trade centres, gardens, resorts etc. It can be used indoor or outdoor. Parco’s purpose is to give a person relaxation, a feeling of being close to nature, sit with legs stretched and have a personal space, sense of privacy despite being in a public space. It has 4 partitions or wings to divide individual/ isolate space. It can be highly customised as per user needs. Parco has a cantilever structure and can take up to 400kgs of weight. It can be put against a planter/ column/ pole in the centre. It is a fit to install product and comes in 10 components. Parco is a need driven design product. Commercial spaces lack a place where one can sit with their legs stretched and have privacy. It is truly designed to fill the gap of sitting comfortably in a public space. It’s design patent.

NOW is collaborated with 17 Italian luxury furniture brands as a dealer in India.


Designer Nandini believes in never Giving Up and suggests the aspiring artists to give time to their passion and interests. She strives hard to grab more projects and scale up the team and profits.


                            Beginup wishes her all the best for her future endeavours!

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