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Unconventional Atelier Pvt Ltd is a venture initiated in 2018 by visionary architects, designers and construction enthusiasts to provide end to end solution for all types of design and construction related services. The idea of the firm was established by Ar. Avinash Dey and Er. Jayanshu Yadav. The firm comprises of an optimum assortment of professionals and expertise from all disciplines related to architecture and construction industry to offer comprehensive architectural, interior & project management consultation.

Ar. Avinash Dey, Co-Founder is the principal architect who has completed his Bachelor’s in Architecture from Sushant School of Art and Architecture-2014. He was born in Varanasi and shifted to Delhi in 1998, presently residing in Gurgaon for 20 years. His father is a Civil Engineer with over 35 years of experience in site execution, management and planning. His elder sister Ar. Priyanka Dey is an architect with over 8 years of experience and also an associate in the firm and his mother is a home maker making everything possible for the family.

Er. Jayanshu Yadav is a Civil Engineer and co-founder of the firm. He has completed his Masters in Construction Technology and Management from Punjab Technical University (2016) and completed his B. tech from Manav Rachna University, Faridabad (2013). He was born in Gurgaon, Haryana. His father is a retired businessman, from a building material business. His 3 elder sisters are working in various fields and his Mother  being the strength of the family is a home maker.

Both the partners have completed their schooling from D.A.V Public School, Gurgaon

Architect Avinash started his career as Project architect with Studio 4th Dimension New Delhi in 2014. Since then he has worked with various reputed architecture and developer firm in Gurgaon. He has immense experience in designing and execution of projects such as high end and affordable housings, commercial complexes, resorts, hospitals, school, villas etc in northern and eastern part of India. Avinash has impeccable knowledge of architectural design, construction techniques & building services.

Jayanshu started his career as a trainee in DLF Homes, Capital Greens Project, Moti Nagar, New Delhi in 2013 and went for his masters in 2014. After completing his masters, he has expanded his knowledge spectrum while working with prestigious companies such as, G.D. Buildtech, Byucksan India and others. Er. Jayanshu was involved in planning and execution for projects like M3M Marina & Sierra 68, AIPL Business Club, DLF Capital Greens, and Vatika INX

Speaking about their organization, they both expressed,

“Our vision is to pursue continued excellence in the field of architecture and Infrastructure through commitment, quality and value as the company’s foundation. Our goal is to offer premier design appraisal and disciplined approach towards projects and client requirements to deliver finest outputs.”

Unconventional Atelier Pvt Ltd provide services in Architecture, Interior Design, Project Management and Turnkey Solutions. The duo intellectuals were fortunate to have been able to direct their passion to profession defeating the minor challenges and facing greater ones with victory.

The challenging project delivered by their firm is,

“THE GARDEN FLOORS, Palam Vihar, designed by Unconventional Atelier Pvt Ltd, is a unique concept among the fastest growing urban development of Gurugram, which embraces the concept of ‘nature- living’. The property has a total land area of 520 square yards and here, we will find free levels with designs that go according to the function of each space, and which simultaneously shape the house. The concept was focused on introducing, villa like feel to the builder floors by having large, open spaces where the view from the street and neighboring properties towards the interior would be kept at a minimum.”

Speaking about the challenges they convey,

“The kick start of the professional career was slow and challenging as during 2013-14, market scenario was not that good in Delhi Ncr.  After that there were no major challenges faced during the professional career, we were lucky that we got to lead a team and project within the 6 months of our career and that just opened all new perspective of growth for us.”

They had their experiences of defeating challenges,

“In the early days of establishing ourselves as firm, we had various difficulties waiting for us. The biggest one would be how to get clients. Getting first few clients and gaining their trust that, a new team of professionals can handle their project without making any blunders. Clients were uncertain because each project holds a large amount of investment at stake, if they hire wrong people for the job the whole project and investment goes down the drain.

Few of our initial projects had different challenges; major one was communication, making the client understand our vision for their project or understanding the needs of the client. Each client has a different taste, different vision for their project. Sometimes making the client look through the architect’s eye and convincing the client that the planning and the design will give good results is a major task.

Another major challenge was the fees, the decision on the right fees for the project scale, services and project requirements such that the quote is perfect. It should not be too high that the project slips out of our hands, and not too low that we lose money in the process of providing our services.”

The duo architects have converted learnings into practice and have made their professional journey enlightening. They viewed,

“Our mentors used to say-

‘Always do your work, the way you would do, had it been your own.’ This saying has really helped us in our professional journey. This has allowed us to develop an understanding of the challenges that are faced by various architects, engineers, consultants at various stages of a project and ways of overcoming them & how an actual project is perceived and executed in a real world. These experiences made us more confident and enhanced our decision-making abilities.”

Their contributions to the field of architecture are indeed a source of learning to the aspiring candidates of this domain,

“For all the students who will be graduating in the coming years, we would advise- pay attention in developing your creative side. Read as much as you can, follow the work of at least one legendary architect and one architect of current generation. Professional training must be taken seriously, as you will learn the professionals work in real world. Pay good attention to construction drawings and details, as a great idea needs to be executed as well.

Young professionals of our industry should not limit themselves to the work allotted to them in the office. Even studying different types of drawings of the project they are working on, will help them in broadening their vision and understanding. Try to be a part of team discussion & meetings, as only listening to your seniors will help you grow.”

The Unconventional Atelier Pvt Ltd plans to grow to be a leading Architecture firm of Delhi/NCR in the next 7 years, and eventually India. The founders say,

“The plans of getting to that position won’t be simple but with our motto of commitment, quality and value we will achieve it.

The whole team of Unconventional Atelier works optimistically towards our goal. It can only be achieved by working hard and smart. Market Research, keeping ourselves updated to the latest developments in the field of architecture and construction of buildings, meetings with various field professionals to get new information and ideas for our projects, etc. will be required. Continuous learning and working to overcome our weaknesses will help achieve our goal.”

They further opined that in the process, Business Development would play a key role, brainstorming ways to expand their reach and getting new clients, whilst providing more than satisfactory experience to their present clients in the most efficient manner.

“Our belief in our team and with the support our family, friends and colleagues we will achieve that in no time.”

Indeed, the duo architects have created a difference with their constant commitments and innovations in making designs and constructions the work of striking art.

Beginup wishes Unconventional Atelier works and its founders all the very best for the future endeavours!

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