THE VGR ARCHITECTS – OUTSHINING THE CHALLENGES | Meet Venkatesh Rathi – The Emerging Architect Outshining Challenges

Struggles showed him the path towards making his passion a profession. Venkatesh Rathi, the Founder of VGR Architects comes out as a winner defeating frequent challenges in pursuing his dreams and he proudly calls himself an independent Architect today.

Architect Venkatesh Rathi began his journey in architecture in the year 2011. Being a student of one the most Prestigious colleges in Mumbai L.S.Raheja School of Architecture was a  challenge for him. He says,

“Under the guidance of the finest Professors I thought my education would be well derived but it was not so easy to survive unless you put utmost efforts. It takes a lot of courage to start your own studio with nothing in hand with several questions in mind as I had no projects, no opportunities; but it takes time to establish and get started from the bottom and I am here at VGR Architects.”

Architect Venkatesh Rathi was born in Hyderabad. His mother is from an atomic family from Hyderabad and his father is from  Amravati, Maharashtra. Architect  recalls his father’s struggles since his childhood and says that he is highly inspired by his father. In the middle of his childhood, Venkatesh has been to the boarding school where life for him was very tough away from his family in his childhood. 

 He adds,

The Architect views that life in Mumbai is filled with struggle. Travelling in the local trains from Borivali to Bandra was a hustle, yet he didn’t give up and he kept dreaming of being successful one day. He had downfalls, less scores in academics . But nothing could weaken his determination. He stood up again and a very fine project in the third year proved his research and imagination that could go parallel with Architecture and thus he found his aim in life.

He states,                                                               

“I didn’t choose this field; This field chose me.”

 After academics, Venkatesh joined four types of firms . In the first firm, he learned how to deal or work like a developer and realized that architecture is all about building a man-made ecosystem. The second company gave him a definition of managing projects, systems, people and a studio. In the third firm, he enriched and developed his building codes, details, drawing, designing and new connection where he wanted to grow (Mumbai).


Architect Venkatesh had thought of pursuing Masters in Architecture; however, he chose to discover new ways of exploring this domain and adapting the principles of Architecture rather than academically. He finally took to gain physical experience than the textbook experience.

Architect Venkatesh when worked for the fourth firm, he had a Short Program in Prague where he met few brilliant architects and was highly inspired by their ways of work in the field.

“I learned, listened and questioned to know more and these were the major focus throughout my journey in that company. I learned how to be generous in architectural work, and how to expand life in architecture while maintaining correlation with my colleagues.”

These four companies have led him to becoming an Ardent, on the way back one day Architect Venkatesh decided to start his own studio called VGR Architects.

At VGR Architects, they offer the one stop solution to their esteemed clients. The firm has been practicing Architecture, Interior designing, Landscape designing, Project management consultancy. The firm has been handling jobs of various types and magnitude throughout India for the last 4 years. Their vast range of experience includes Affordable housing, educational institutes, colleges, commercial projects, corporate offices, residential developments, multiplexes, independent office buildings, and entire townships. The Architect says,

“We at VGR, approach every project with a fresh and enquiring mind bringing enthusiasm and creative thought to any design challenge. We work hard from the outset to establish mutually respectful and supportive relationships with our clients and collaborators. Our working method is open and receptive and we enjoy new challenges which push us to ever more creative places. Humanity is at the heart of all we do and we take our responsibilities to the wider stewardship of the world very seriously. We intend to make all our projects special.” 

Speaking about his challenges, he puts forth,

My father or any other background does not belong from this Industry and “It was hard to survive in the initial days and asking opportunities to people , but  remember you always get first job with the support of your relatives; so sustain your sociality , I worked mostly by myself , so I used to sit at my desk and design with help of computer and coffee and worked and approached several people to give me the work.”

Architect Venkatesh’s first project was an Interior Design of a Penthouse in Hyderabad top residential building with a working budget of 1.5 crore where he got an opportunity to work with prodigious familiar client .As the  budget was huge, he was bit worried about Project and choosing theme , palette ,  Materials and to bring that feeling of clients personality in the house. He says,

 “Confidence was the game; people love the people who have confidence in their work.  As it was my first task, I was feeling very excited to design something extraordinary and after day-night working on designs I came up with nice and sustainable ideas and presentations which they appreciated and approved of the project.”

He adds advising to the aspiring designers and architects,

“With every new project, I find new people to work as this gives me more eligibility to expand my network. This is a Service business not a product business, so patience is must to survive in this. Patience might change your aim but don’t drift away; stay stubborn as I always say to my juniors  “It takes time to be kind”. Your true value is determined by how much more you give in value than you take payment.

VGR Architects also did few competitions like Designing a Dedicated Pavilion for the Victims in 2008 terrorist attack Mumbai, where architecture uplifted his passion which led him to expand his studio. He states,

“I have offices in Amravati, Mumbai and soon to be in Hyderabad and working to build a pan India network.  Nowadays we are working a Visitor centre in Abu Dhabi which can be an asset project to the firm, and also in search of young and dynamic architects to add to the team where they can also grow and share experience with the firm.”

Architect Venktesh has his alternative ventures in the Real estate market and collaboration with few Dealerships of prominent brands. He adds,

“I am running and I am running with full energy in different verticals.”

Indeed, life is a run and Architect Venktesh is looking forward to explore more.

Beginup wishes Architect Venktesh and his studio all the very best for the future endeavours!

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