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Let the world know you and appreciate your passion to grow and win success. We are a mirror to you, your work and your organization. Beginup.com is a media platform for start-ups and various business fields covering a wide domain. We bring in the enlightening stories of entrepreneurs, business personalities, start-up owners and directors, founders of various organizations and creative individuals, publish them and show case their accomplishments nationally as well as internationally.

Each and every story covered by our media will lead the readers’ eyes to an in-depth analysis of one’s journey from the root to the stage of the successful growth and their fruitful contributions to their business and economy. We travel, research and find out the change makers of the society, influential personalities and the path finders, interact with them, delve deep into their struggles, successes and innovations and constructive plans, and thereby present their stories as exemplary figures of the Nation and motivation to all.

We cover stories of Inspirational Entrepreneurs ,Creative Individuals and Motivational Businesses that are challenging the norms and altering the precepts of the game. We are moving towards building a comprehensive platform that can assist and guide many aspiring entrepreneurs with valuable suggestive measures through the experiences of successful personalities to start, run and scale their enterprises. We endeavour to explore the latest stories in the world of start-ups and entrepreneurship.

We bring in the latest news ruling the Business world including funding and the latest Business and Technological updates as well the burning news of the nation and the world. Beginup is a platform to learn and grow together to achieve success in the sudden changing world. It is your reflection pouring rays to the huge masses of the world.

Beginup.com is a part of BEGINUP RESEARCH INTELLIGENCE PRIVATE LIMITED that focuses on Business Researches, Business Intelligence and Public Relations founded by Dr Anand G Naik.

Anand G. Naik is the CEO of Beginup Research Intelligence Private Limited, Bangalore. He is a recipient of youngest entrepreneur award by Shri Ratan Tata & Shri Narayan Murthy. He is a Serial Entrepreneur, Author & Motivational Speaker who has delivered motivational talks and training to more than 35000 students and corporate leaders in more than 150 institutes and companies across India.

Dr Anand is a serial entrepreneur with 9 years of experience in running a successful Technology & Business Research organisation. He is also a recipient of various national and international awards. He is an Author of bestselling novel ‘18 BUT NOT TEEN’ which is inspired by his own life and also author of a well-known knowledge book ‘STARTUP LADDER’ for aspiring entrepreneurs.

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