Architect Anup making his designs breathe at Anup Oswal Architects | HE WHO RESIDES IN HIS DESIGNS

Encrypting emotions in his designs, Architect Anup dwells in one of Khalil Gibran’s verses,

‘Your house shall be not an anchor but a mast.

 It shall not be a glistening film that covers a wound,

but an eyelid that guards the eye’

The Founder of Anup Oswal Architects, Designer Anup believes that designing houses is not just placement of bricks and cement but place for gathering emotions and he engraves the same thoughts in his designs.

Born in city of wealth Mumbai and brought up in city of knowledge Pune Architect Anup had a sense of importance of knowledge and wealth both at a very early stage.  He completed his schooling from Lonavala and graduated from Pune University. Having grown in a well to do family with a strict disciplinarian father and loving mother, he was prepared to face all the challenges that he met in the domain of Architecture. He finds himself to be a strong personality learning to outshine all challenges on his way to success.

The artisan joined a firm immediately after he passed out in 2004 and worked there for two years before he built up his own firm ANUP OSWAL ARCHITECTS.

At early age Architect Anup achieved success in builder lobby which made him financially stable; however, his quest for design and restrictions to work in government and private domain compelled him to seek his job satisfaction in some other parts of work also. That is when an opportunity came in a small town Hubli in Karnataka which became a major turning point in the journey of ANUP OSWAL ARCHITECTS. Starting from a very small-scale project to multimillion large scale bungalows and mansions, his creative organization has passed through many thick and thins to achieve its current successful position as one of the leading architectural firms.

Speaking about his challenges he spoke,

“I got to design a bungalow for Mr. Prakash Kawad. The challenges in small town are different than the ones we face in big cities. I had to deal with a very different mindset of people towards work, design and architecture. Thus, it took me 3 years to complete my first project in Hubli. The successful execution of our first project there, opened new field of design and planning for our firm and we set a trademark there. Now I have a bundle of projects in Hubli”.

Architect Anup has thus gained high esteem and reputation with his innovative ideas and creations and giving the best to his clients. A major feather in the cap was added when his  firm got an opportunity to act as consulting architectural firm for Talera Groups of hotels and the journey continued adding proud associations with Kundan Builders, Satyam Constructions, MWB group karnataka, IRICEN, Italian restaurant chain -Dario’s and many more.

The company expanded its wings in foreign land too in 2015 and today they have enriching projects out of India also. From corporation to Indian Railways Designer Anup has offered and accomplished many works for some government organisations also. Indian Railways had invited him for lecture series too. ANUP OSWAL ARCHITECTS has expanded their work to many cities which include Pune, Jaipur, Mumbai, Bangalore, Siroi District, Chennai and Ahmedabad.

With his vast experience Architect Anup is indeed an enlightening personality to the aspiring artisans, architects and designers. Suggesting the young aspirants, he says,

“With few grey strands of experience in my hair I can say one thing for sure to all the aspirants of this field, When you design, design as if you are going to stay there, don’t just give people a house give them a place which will embrace them when they are sad, which will laugh with them, which will call them and most importantly which will give them peace of mind and satisfaction of staying with their loved ones. I know this is a bit philosophical, but what is architecture?

‘It’s simply understanding philosophy of owners and giving them a perfect home’.”

Anup Oswal Architects makes their designs live with giving emotions to space and making their art breathe thus giving the best and unique to the clients.

Beginup wishes Architect Anup and his firm all the very best for all their future endeavours!

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