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Company Profile

BEGINUP RESEARCH INTELLIGENCE PRIVATE LIMITED is a cutting edge Data Science and Technology company helping business and brands achieve organization growth maps. The company’s corporate office is located at Bengaluru India. With a strong support from customers, investors and advisors,Beginup aims to lead the technology and data science industry.

Beginup have supported many businesses from wide domains to excel and make precise and productive decisions with the help of data analytics solutions. The company is founded by Dr. Anand G. Naik who has a wide experience in scaling many IT service companies and is responsible for topnotch IT products.

With over a decade of experience in Technology consultancy and delivering turnkey technology services, Beginup Research Intelligence is making its mark into Full-Stack Development and Mobile Applications.Data Science and Research Being the DNA of our company we are dedicated to produce scale-able and mercenary technology products. Beginup also offers services like Brand Innovation, Digital Strategy ,Creative Campaigns and Public Relations .


Our organization is Paramount to us And we do everything we can to make BEGINUP a one stopdestination for clients and offer superlative services.

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