CONJURING EMOTIONS INTO THE DESIGNS | KAL DESIGNS: Luxury in Aesthetics blended in the Designs

Excelling in the art of Designs and Constructions, giving spaces the soothing aesthetic life, Kal Design’s steady and outstanding progress have been an exemplary venture in the domain of Architecture and Design. Kal Designs is a young and progressive design firm founded by Architect Pulin Shah that is constantly evolving and is at par with international styles and interior trends and has kept up its pace with the changing times where luxury, aesthetics and creation of efficient interiors are of utmost importance. Pulin’s wife Alpa Shah is his Partner and Executive Director of the Company and is responsible for managing coordination and smooth administration among varied works in her portfolio.

Kal designs has a driven and close-knit professional team of dynamic young designers and coordinators. It is a well-known Design Firm that takes up turnkey projects and offers complete design solutions for Interior and Architectural projects. Kal designs specializes in designing luxury homes, offices, cafes and experience centres.

 Design Architect Pulin Shah has done a Diploma in Interior Designing from L.S. Raheja School of Architecture (Mumbai). He was born in Mumbai and he comes from a seven decades old family business of Timber. He is the Director of his Company ‘Crystal Marble Pvt Ltd’ where they import high quality marble from Italy and other Countries.

He began his career in 1996 as an intern at the famous Architecture and Interior Design Firm, M/S Talati and Panthaky Associated Pvt Ltd, Mumbai. Over the years he was upgraded as an Associate.

Pulin Shah laid his first stone working with M/S Talati and Panthaky Associated Pvt ltd. Over the years, he prospered as an Associate in the company. With over two decades of experience, he has established an honourable reputation in the Interior Design industry. He has transformed innumerable Residential and Commercial spaces across India into a visual delight. His flair for an elegant design aesthetic comprising sleek, marble interiors, geometric flooring and neutral coloured palette is exemplified in a handful of stunning homes, restaurants, offices, experience studios and diamond factories. With a keen eye for detailing and style, Pulin Shah thrives to achieve complete gratification of his clients. Over and above he is a faculty member of Rachna Sansad an Architecture and Interior Designing College, based in Mumbai where he teaches his distinctive design to aspiring Interior Designers.

Alpa Shah is Pulin’s wife and Partner and Executive Director at Kal Designs. She handles the administration, coordination and work procedures of the firm. She makes sure that professionalism and etiquette is maintained and strictly followed in the firm.

Architect Pulin has not of course achieved everything readily although his parents were well established. They had left him in a situation where he had to fight many challenges and prove himself to be successful.  In spite of being the only son and having a successful family business, his father always wanted him to fend for himself and convert his passion for interior design into his profession. He did not get any monetary help from his family so he took this up as a challenge to prove himself to his father and became successful.

The Architect speaks about his challenges at the career front,

“Interior Designing has been a very competitive profession. Satisfying a client and completing a project on time is a huge challenge in India. Coordinating with the contractors and suppliers is a task while execution of the project also gets difficult as the labour is not skilled enough. One has to be extremely particular in managing a project to accomplish his objective.”

Further he states about the challenges he met with the initial customers and during the beginning of their product development:

“Transforming a design into reality is an extremely difficult process. Furthermore, convincing the client is even more difficult. Thanks to the new age software, it has become easier to show them the actual interpretation of the design.”

 Architect Pulin has done innumerable interior designing projects over two decades for which he has received many accolades but some of his prestigious and milestone achieving projects are grand in size and stature. Few of his noteworthy and applaudable projects are in Mumbai, Hyderabad and Kolkata.

The man of Designs Pulin Shah was awarded the prestigious ‘India Excellence Award’ in 2019’.

Kal Designs has innumerable successful projects, yet some are imprinted in the mind and the heart. The founder speaks,

“One of my best projects so far has been a one of a kind experiential centre for Audio – Video. Technical integration of lighting and sound automation are a significant element of the studio. Walls and ceilings have been adorned with wood, bearing in mind the theory of a tabla where the sound accentuates when played. In addition, a detailed and minutely designed carpet has been specially handcrafted incorporating minute circles Furthermore, the properties of an acoustic sound have been embedded in itself. The amusing section of the decor is the ambient lighting that can be set in multiple colours to set the mood of a lounge…”

Architect Pulin Shah believes in creating and working by himself on the design front but for executing he collaborates with his contractors.

It has indeed been an enlightening journey of art and design for the founder. Having asked about his major learnings from his professional as well as personal journey, he states,

“Over a period of years, I have understood the need of my client in the preliminary meetings itself. I exactly know what to deliver to him. Making a client believe in me has become easier with experience.”

The upcoming and the aspiring designers and architects must learn a lot from this enlightening journey. Here is what Architect Pulin has for the young and aspiring Architects,

 “They should be thorough and passionate in their work and constantly learn and stay inspired. It is important to excel in one’s craft and follow the international brands and their USP and the latest interior products to enhance a project.”

The journey towards achievements and success is unstoppable and Kal Designs has great plans and actions for its growth in the coming years:

“ Kal Designs has set its sight on doing luxurious and bespoke interiors for celebrities and plans to add fresh new contemporary aesthetics to their homes or new homes and spaces. Optimistic and driven, Kal Designs and its Founder hope to do prestigious interior projects abroad when that opportunity arises.

Year 2021 which is a few months away, Architect Pulin plans to open an Interior Design Studio and Office in Kolkata, a city he enjoys working in and where he has constantly been doing luxurious and magnanimous Projects.

The Firm is also keen on doing up interiors of Hotels, Resorts and Boutique Cafes.”

Kal Designs is all set to rise defeating the challenges of covid 19 and sets its dreams high.


We wish all the best to Architect Pulin Shah and his Kal Designs for all future endeavours!

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