A Design Studio run by the avant-gardists creating art and designs with research and experience catering the needs of the future, STUDIO SIX SENSE, Rajkot, focuses on the result and outcomes of designs. The firm is founded by Designer Yash Patel and cofounded Designer Khushbu Mehta.

STUDIO SIX SENSE creates a friendly atmosphere for the employees and this increase their productivity with trust and dedication. Their studio relies on research, experiment and experience for planning, designing and art. The firm provides services of architecture design, interior design and art.

Designer Yash Patel, the founder is a strong believer in ability of interior and research combined with design thinking for strengthening the societies. Kudos to his communication and team-working skills. He is an innovative and adaptable individual with pro-active approach to changes in the industry with the ability to generate and promote effective new solutions to problems believing in the power of nothing, approaching to simplicity with the advantage of technology and stands for the substance of the space by itself.

He has worked as an interior designer with Sparsh design studio, rajkot (2014-15), as teaching assistantship in Indubhai Parekh school of architecture (ipsa), Rajkot, and National School of Interior Design (NSID), Rajkot.

Designer Yash Patel was born in Manavadar Junagadh and brought up with an affluent Business and Moderate Middle-Class family with ethical values as conveyed.

Designer Yash did his schooling from Carmel convent, Junagadh and then joined Christ Commerce College, Rajkot. He did his Bachelors of Interior Design from National School of Interior Design (NSID), Rajkot.

Khushbu Mehta, the co-founder of studio six sense is a designer, as a neoteric individual in today’s designing industry with comprehensive experience constructing interior designs for the full completion of the commercial, public and residential spaces. She is quick to locate design issues that impacts the overall headway of a project and adapts in applying creativity to design highly appealing, interesting yet functional designs that engage emotion. She possesses a proven ability to lead project teams to successfully deliver agreed upon superior quality solutions.

She has worked as an Interior Designer with Mast Design Studio, Rajkot(2014-2015) and I Dream Design Studio, Rajkot(2015-2016) before co founding Studio Six Sense .

Khushbu Mehta was born in Junagadh and she too was brought up with an affluent Business and Moderate Middle-Class family with ethical values.

Designer Khushbu did her schooling from ST. Ann’s High School, Jamnagar and joined M.P. Shah Commerce College, Jamnagar . She completed her Bachelors of Interior Design from National School of Interior Design (NSID), Rajkot.

The duo designers hail from small town and had to face many challenges to follow their passion and build their career. Yet, determination and willingness to pursue their dreams gave them wings to fly with tremendous amount of hard work and sacrifices. Their personal journey was laden with challenges and they fought it well to finally emerge victorious.

Speaking about the challenges faced in the professional front, they say,

“Based in a developing city Rajkot, we try to design it in such a way that the client can upgrade to a metro city level using different material and techniques to enhance the design by fulfilling the needs of client.”

They further speak about the challenges faced with initial customers and during product development,

“Initially started in 2015 our firm faced many challenges, as we had less experience and at younger age preferences were given to the senior architects and interiors of the town. Gradually in a year we tried to fulfil needs of clients and making them understand the better design and better quality and services of work provided by our firm.”

And, the duo designers thus gained the trust with their best services and building strong bonds with the clients.

The studio is privileged to work for Rann Utsav 2017 and providing the art work for the same and was honoured as a best design in leisure and hospitality for iiid excellence award 2017.

Their most challenging project is Castle Italiano, a concept restaurant- an amalgamation of both Indian & Italian form which is proficient to the local context & cuisine.

Indeed, their journey has been very enlightening teaching them at every step new way to rise high. Here is what they have to say about their major learnings from their personal as well as professional journey,

“In terms learning the academics and professional field both the thing has a vast difference and taking professional and personal journey they, both depict in a design derived by us and also understanding clients’ needs and requirement, giving them best design and execution of spaces.”

The duo designers’ success story is certainly an enlightening story for all and an inspiration to all young and aspiring designers and architects. They put forth few words as advice to upcoming professionals from their domain,

“Upcoming professionals should incorporate site with their vision not thinking as a fresher in the field by giving justice to their designing and capability and also should be updated with different materials and techniques.”

The success journey continues with lot more achievements to follow in future. Regarding their future plans and action, they say,

“Giving the best and better design to the society and even expansion of our firm in Gujarat and other states and internationally.”

Indeed, their noble practices will definitely make them worldwide popular.

Beginup wishes the duo designers and their studio all the very best for their future endeavours!

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