D IX Dimension-REDEFINING MODERN DESIGNS | Meet Shikha and Arjun Arora- The Artisans of the Technological Era

What can be the creations of wonder today when you are gifted with the art of blending Indian crafts with technology! Designer Shikha and Designer Arjun Arora’s blend of talents and tastes have brought up D IX Dimension where they bring dream spaces to reality thus giving the clients the taste of aesthetic embellished with technology.

D IX Dimension help to realize people’s imagination and shoulder elegance along with building luxury spaces through our furniture and designer products. They believe in innovation and redefining modern designs. They provide the best custom furniture services in Jaipur in order to offer a leisurely experience. The firm believes in taking the age-old crafts of carpentry and metal working to the world through their elegant and luxurious designs. They not only provide furniture that fits in with the latest changing trends but also curate and create designs to suit the changing needs of their clients while blending Indian crafts with modern technology to produce aesthetically appealing, functional, comfortable designs that give value to their investment. This provides artisans the exposure to create custom designs as per the ever-changing market.

Shikha, Founder Director is an interior designer from SNDT University, Mumbai with Masters in Interior Design and currently enrolled in Ph.D. in Design. She has been practicing Furniture and Interior design since 2001 i.e. for over 19 years now. She is a design academician alongside and has set up various design schools in Jaipur. She is a member of the managing committee for the Jaipur chapter of Institute of Indian Interior Designers (IIID- JRC) and holds the position of Treasurer for the Jaipur Chapter of Association of Designers of India (ADI). She believes in taking culture and tradition to the masses through her designs and services. The designer comes from a family of educationists and armed forces from Jaipur, Rajasthan. Her family was always supportive of her decision of taking up design, even after studying B.com. for a year at Sydenham College of Commerce & Economics, Mumbai at the realisation that design was her calling.

Arjun Arora, Founder Director is a Furniture Designer in Jaipur who believes in minimalistic approach while designing. His passion is to design with natural materials to give a humane touch to spaces. His designs are abstract and modern in appearance that caters to luxury lifestyle. He is a qualified Interior Designer from Poornima University, Jaipur and an active member of Institute of Indian Interior Designers (IIID) along with the Association of Designers of India (ADI). His style in interior spaces redefines luxury with a futuristic approach in his sites in Jaipur and Mumbai. He has been practicing since 2018 and gets the zeal of youth in his designs. The designer is born in Jammu and he comes from a simple close-knit family of Punjab with a background in businesses. Designer Arjun had taken up engineering at the first instance. However, he listened to his passion calling for design and then realized that it was design he wanted to study. He therefore, changed his college to pursue his dream career. His family supported his decision as the immense talent was evidently visible to them.  

Shikha began her professional career in the year 2001, whereas Arjun in the year 2018. They both today create masterpieces with innovations projecting exclusive designs. D IX Dimensions cover wide range of services:

    1. Furniture Design:  They lead a team of young Interior designers and Furniture designers in Jaipur tirelessly working on creating unimaginable yet workable and functional designs. Their team of young creative professionals’ work on introducing fresh ideas for our furniture. Their furniture designers create original designs that follow the regress process of design development so as to get the products patented before being introduced to the customer. All the designers follow the design process to produce creative furniture designs.
    2. Interior Design: D IX Dimension with their team of specialized interior designers provides Interior design services for all kind of spaces like residential, commercial etc. They design Bungalows, Apartments, Offices, Restaurants, Hotels, Resorts, Exhibition Setups, etc. They aim to provide luxury within the budget of our clients. Their designs are out of the box  that have a style statement to them. Their team of expert furniture designers working with Interior designers aim at creating master pieces out of common spaces.
    3. Design Educational Consultancy: D IX Dimension deals in consultation regarding design education that refers to counselling students to opt the right design course, professional counselling for design students, conducting faculty training programs for design faculties, etc. Along with the assistance of experienced educationist helps in formulating the schemes and syllabuses needed for design education in various design streams like interior design, furniture design, product design, fashion design etc. as per the demands of the industry. They also provide craft-based workshops by experts from the industry to design institutions.

The design studio is one of its kind in Rajasthan where any designer can be part of the design team and gets due credit for their designs. They work in patented designs assuring originality of the design. They collaborate with young designers, giving them a platform to showcase their work.

Having asked them about the challenges in their professional career, they stated that managing the professional cultural difference and the market temperament of different cities and clients therein.

With such a great studio, responsibilities bring challenges too. According to them,

“To make the client understand the design cost along with the cost of skilled artistry in a cosmopolitan city as compared to a metropolitan city is a little challenging. However, things are getting better with the changing times.

As we work on trying to cater to the modern requirement of the people through their traditional mind-set. The story goes other way round as well, the artisans and craftsmen have only worked on traditional designs so to train them to work on modern designs using their skills so that they can come at pace with the ever-evolving markets.”

They viewed about their challenging and the unique product as,

“As every product that we create is unique to itself, it is always a challenge. However, JEWEL is one of our sofa’s that was a challenge as the artisan along with the designers had to put in their continuous effort so as to make sure the design is created as per the design keeping the originality of the design. The design has multiple leaf patterns created on the backrest and these are independent of each other. Adding to the beauty of the design are the hand carved armrests. The rear of the sofa has exposed teak wood done with invisible flawless joints. It is truly a piece of art created by the designers and craftsmen.”

The journey as artisans, craftsmen and fine artists give them daily lessons with every challenging project they undergo. They opine,

“Design works only when we are quick to adapt to the change and evolve every moment with empathy at all levels.”

Every aspiring artist and designer have to learn a lot from the journey of Designer Shikha and Arjun. They are pathfinders to many. They suggest,

“Dedication, continuous evolution and empathy are the key components to achieve success. It is your passionate persistent effort that will get you to your desired result.”

So beautifully they convey when asked about their future ventures:

“With the new now it is very important to first understand the changed demands of the market and the redefine luxury for the same. What was is not what will be anymore.”

Indeed, they work with innovative ideas with the changing demand of the market and great designs await to be credited to their names.

Beginup wishes D IX Dimension and Designers Shikha and Arjun Arora all the very best for a sparkling venture and future endeavours.

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