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Adorning the spaces with innovative designs, Enclosurre is a leading Architect and Interior design firm based in Mumbai, India, established by Architect Bhavik Kantilal Shah in the year 1998, with a view to explore design directions.

Enclosurre is a design consulting firm that offers furnishes at the end to end design of spaces. The firm has also won several regional and national awards for various residential and commercial project. The firm is dedicated to innovation and creativity and is continuously looking at ways of explorations with material and technologies in our designs. The Founder Architect says,

“One of our strengths is our meticulous attention to live execution of our design so that our clients are assured of the highest quality of details & finishes.”

The firm deals with Architectural design services, Interior Design services, Building material and Urban planning services.

Architect Bhavik Kantilal Shah is born in Mumbai and lives with his parents, wife and his daughter. He did his school education from R. N. G. High school. Ghatkopar and his college education from Ram Narayan Ruia College, Matunga. He then did his Graduation in Architecture from Architecture College – Academy of Architecture, Rachna Sansad – Parbhadevi.

Architect Bhavik began his professional career in year 2000.

The Founder Architect is blessed to have a supportive family without having much to face challenges in the personal front of his journey towards his goals, but challenges are encountered at different stages which make a determined individual stronger to find solutions and triumph over the challenges.

 However, the professional journey is indeed a challenging journey. He says,

“A designer has to give unique & multiple design options to achieve better design & satisfy client need to along with better quality of execution.”

 Here is what he has to say about the challenges he faced with the initial customers and while delivering products,

 “Clients have lot of thought which at times is difficult to apply, so process as to make them understand the design limitation & material availability which really was difficult at the initial stage when we started design.

Designing a classical structure with lot of details & proportion was challenge for one of our prestigious Residential projects. We had to make model of structure to understand space& details of elements.”

However, challenges no longer remain challenges when they are converted into solutions. Enclosurre with every challenge stepped ahead winning a remarkable name in the market. Here is a brief glimpse of the major achievements:

  1. CRS project are extensively design free of cost for many institution, medical centre, hospital, school, etc
  2. Many articles are been published in interior magazine &architecture magazine.
  3. Online interior interview & site video been uploaded on interior channels.
  4. Residential cum Commercial Project at MALDIVES.

Enclosurre has its major collaboration with Klectiv london, a design-based company in London.

Every journey is a learning experience and Architect Bhavik’s professional and personal journey have been enlightening too. He states about his major learnings,

“Professional & personal journey teach the process of understanding the   needs & requirements of client along with proportion of spaces, materials, scaling in order to get better output of the product.”

The young and the aspiring architects have lot to learn from our highly experienced Architect who has marked a difference with exploration and innovation in his design firm. Architect Bhavik suggests,

“Upcoming professional should execute more at site conditions along with designing also new material & detailing to be upgraded with time. Use of technology for designing &execution should be adapted extensively for better understanding & result.”

The journey of success continues with new plans and actions. The Founder Architect of Enclosurre says,

 “Future plan is to associate with architectural firm in the USA to execute international projects.”

With determination and plans to expand the firm the Founder is an example to many in the path of career and success.

Beginup wishes Architect Bhavik and his firm Enclosurre all the very best for his future endeavours!

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