Dr Anand G Naik | Author of Startup Ladder & 18 But Not Teen

Dr Anand G. Naik is the Managing Director of Beginup Research Intelligence Private Limited, Bangalore. He is a recipient of youngest entrepreneur award by Shri Ratan Tata & Shri Narayan Murthy. He is a Serial Entrepreneur, Author & Motivational Speaker who has delivered motivational talks and training to more than 35000 students and corporate leaders in more than 150 institutes and companies across India.

Dr Anand is a serial entrepreneur with 9 years of experience in running a successful Technology & Business Research organisations. He is also a recipient of various national and international awards.  He is an Author of bestselling novel ‘18 BUT NOT TEEN’ which is inspired by his own life and also author of a well-known knowledge book ‘STARTUP LADDER’ for aspiring entrepreneurs.


Life is a blend of happiness, sorrows, celebrations, struggles and best enjoyed with the spice of love and loss, romance and betrayals and finally regaining oneself defeating all hurdles of life thus building one’s own identity. The book ’18 but not Teen’ gives you the best picture of the above view of life. 18 but not Teen’ carries a story of a young entrepreneur, whose struggles in life at a very tender and crucial age, overpowers his innocence and pushes him to face the hardships of life, thus leading him to become the youngest successful entrepreneur of the Nation. This is not merely a love story or a novel, but a diary of inspiration which can act as a path finder to many young aspirants. To know more about the story, you must grab your copy and read this life changing novel.


Startup Ladder is an effort by a successful entrepreneur to guide the young aspirants who want to take up Entrepreneurship as their career. The book aims to motivate the dreamers with practical examples and experiences. The author has described every step needed in the path of this journey along with the ways and tricks. It also sheds light on the myths and mistakes one must avoid walking on the path of Entrepreneurship. The book is a must read for every dreamer who dreams to create a unique path to walk on and taste the pleasure of success.

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