Meet Architect Riddhi Rathod, the Founder of Rathod’s Designs

Out with the old, in with the new, Rathod’s Design specializes in reinvention and reimagination of spaces filling them with out-of-sight designs thus making a mark in the domain of Architecture and Design. The firm Rathod’s Design was founded by Designer Riddhi Rathod in the year 2016 with her approach to prioritize her clients’ said and sometimes unsaid needs for each space she works upon and enriching their lives with designs and spaces that are inventive, well-crafted and methodically detailed.

Rich in designs, Rathod’s Designs thrives to go beyond the reaches of the existing trend of designs and experiments far-out aesthetic designs to amaze the clients. By utilizing an inimitable client led explorative journey, Rathod’s provides highly creative and effective design solutions that echo with physical innovation and conceptual accuracy. Rathod’s places a particularly strong credence to the distinctive triad of each site, client objective and skilled precision to arrive at the most useful & liveable design aesthetic. With over 9 years of experience specializing in varied range including educational, commercial and residential projects, Designer Riddhi oversees project implementation of each foundational phase personally. Reinvention, reimagination and retooling are the key to Riddhi’s design core.

Riddhi Rathod is an alumnus of the Academy of Architecture, Mumbai, as well as the prestigious Oxford Brookes University, UK.  Rathod’s has garnered an extensive reputation of solid working relationship with consultants, builders and execution staff to deliver excellent, customized and client accurate design solutions. She has worked with clients such as Asian Paints, Rustomjee Builders, Brand by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor – Poorien Baatien

Born in Mumbai Designer Riddhi hails from a business Gujarati family where architecture seemed far from the realm of career possibilities. However, with her parents’ encouragement and her ardent will power, she embarked on a transformational life journey. After marriage, her husband and her two children provided unstinting support to excel in her career as well.

Rathod’s Design provides architectural and interior design services specializing in spaces for children and compact spaces in educational and residential sectors. More interesting in their services is their specialization in compact space design in kids’ spaces by bringing out the vibrancy of kids’ choices in compact spaces. 

Rathod’s Designs possesses the strong collaboration with Vibe Design & Work ventures for Asian Paints LEAP Exhibit.

With tremendous zeal towards her passion Designer Riddhi has been able to challenge the challenges of her life thus becoming an exemplary figure to all the professional women. She states,

“As with any mother, a future where I would have to submit to the 9-5 corporate race, work long hours and sacrifice the time with my children was not exactly palatable to me. I took the plunge from a part time executive to an entrepreneur to dedicate my time to my creativity and my children equally. My creativity saw a great boost as I took on projects of my own liking and my clients saw my passion perform wonders! I am grateful for the challenges I have faced in my 4-year entrepreneurial journey. It has made me who I am.”

A loving and dedicated mother, a highly professional woman, Ms Riddhi has been able to prove that nothing is impossible if you keep pace with your passion and devotedly work for it. Her willpower is indeed commendable. Being a home maker as well as leading in the professional front, she had great challenges to face with her initial customers and during product development. She says proudly,

“During my first pregnancy, living in a cramped city like Mumbai, I faced a lot of space shortage. Children need space to live free. Space was and will always be a commodity in Mumbai. This directly links to my dissertation of living in compact spaces. To my dismay, there were hardly any compact living furniture/designs in the market. This unique challenge led me to design my own baby’s crib and taking the plunge in launching Rathod’s Design for space saving interior & architect specialised solutions.”

She deserves to win and she has won it. She has won a name for her in the industry thus bringing up her own firm amidst the challenges. Humbly she speaks about her achievements,

“My 2 kids have transformed my lives. I owe my professional success to them. With my elder child, I entered into the entrepreneurial journey by designing compact, space saving kids’ furniture. With my second child, I started my own venture. Today, I am a well-established interior designer and architect, specialised in kids & educational spaces. My two children are my biggest milestones and my career achievements are directly linked to them.”

The best Challenging project delivered by Rathod’s Designs are:

  1. 500 sq.ft. Clutterfree residence. Set in Juhu, Mumbai, the Bhandari home has become a talking point by setting an example of how clever design can transform standard spaces into something genuinely inspirational.
  2. Asian Paints LEAP Exhibit 2017 where they provided outstanding solutions to the major issues faced during the designing and execution of the event. They addressed this issue by designing 5 spaces in 5 different design styles.
  3. A Day-care at Rustomjee Seasons – Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai – The client had a space of a 1000 sq. ft to be converted into a very vibrant, interactive, educational, spacious yet functional day-care space for kids ranging from 6 months to 8 years.
  4. Their unique initiative was to design a tween room with compact design and kids’ space together.

Architect Riddhi’s professional as well as personal journey has been an enlightening journey.  She speaks about her major learnings,

 “Living in Mumbai, multi-purpose solutions and furniture always fascinated me. When I was studying architecture at Oxford, the concept of space management intrigued me so much that I took it up as my dissertation on compact living and prefab portable houses.   I researched on many of prototypes by famous architects and shortlisted the micro-compact home by Architect Richard Horden for my case study. Not only did I get an opportunity to live in a micro compact home for a week, I got to interact with the students living in micro compact homes for 2-3 years and understood the finer nuances of the space in such small homes.  I also had a unique opportunity to meet and interview the Architect himself. This is something I truly cherish the most in my educational journey and have brought it here back to Mumbai to help the people who want to make the most of their compact houses.”

The Founder- Designer Ms Riddhi is indeed an embodiment of women empowerment and an exemplary figure to the young aspiring architects and designers. Here is what she suggests,

 “No space is too small; good design can transform each space and personalised to blend into the clients’ lifestyle. When you live your passion, your career success is a by-product. When you constantly challenge yourself, you evolve. When you learn to fail, you grow further. I have lived by these words.”

Her dreams flow with many future plans ahead. She modestly speaks about her future plans,

“To enrich clients’ lives by providing safe and stylish space saving solutions and to establish Rathod’s Design as a formidable expert in the space of compact living and kids’ space design.”

Determination remains stronger and Architect Riddhi Rathod walks boldly with her responsibilities to mark a difference in the world of professionalism and in the field of Design and Architecture.

We wish Architect Riddhi Rathod and her Rathod’s Designs all the very best for all their future endeavours!

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