NOT TO RENOVATE, BUT TO FLYP SPACES|FLYP DESIGNS – Harmonizing Luxury & Budget with Intelligence

Constructing the unmeasured with measured means FLYP Designs fills spaces with harmonious balance of luxury and budget and holds a unique place in the market for their aesthetic contributions. FLYP DESIGNS was founded by Architect Yukti Goel and Architect Prince Katiyar in 2018.It is a Delhi based Interior Designing & Architecture firm. 

FLYP DESIGNS is a renowned design firm providing interior designing and architectural facilities for commercial and residential spaces, to people looking forward to change their homes or lives. At FLYP DESIGNS, they believe that-

“Why choose between Luxury or budget, when you can have both”According to us Luxury is a lifestyle, and with our extensive knowledge of materials we can make any space luxurious with in the given budget.”

They brief about the firm as:

“Designing at FLYP DESIGN is a 3-fold process, firstly we analyse the space in terms of its limitations and possibilities. Secondly, detailed discussions with clients help us to understand them at a personal level, to ensure that their requirements and ideas are well reflected in our designs. Third and the most important part is that, all our designs are conceptualised keeping in mind Project budget and executions on site. This allows us bridge the gap between the designs, concepts and site executions.”

FLYP DESIGNS is a small team of dedicated Architects, interior designers and visualizers. They not only focus on delivering their sites with full potential and spirit but also focus on building a long-lasting relationship with client for future endeavours. They sing proudly,

                                   “WE DON’T TRANSFORM SPACES, WE FLYP THEM”

At FLYP DESIGNS, they provide their clients with all kind of services related to Architecture & Interior Designing –

  • Design Consultancy Services
  • Turnkey projects
  • Renovation Consultancy
  • Pre-Purchase Consultancy
  • Vastu consultancy services

In order to keep at par with the times, they have recently introduced Online Consultation Services. It would allow them to cater outstation clients as well as cope up with situations like COVID -19.

Architect Yukti Goel, completed her schooling from Rukmini Devi Public School, Pitampura, New Delhi. Born and brought up in Delhi, coming from a Business family background, she hardly had any prior idea of Interior Designing and Architecture as professional field, but her creative outlook and keen interest in designing led her to pursue degree in B. Arch, from Amity School of Architecture & Planning. During the course of graduation, she did various internships to enhance her knowledge of Designing and spatial planning. 


Architect Prince Katiyar, completed his schooling from Kalka Public School, Alaknanda, New Delhi. Born in Panipat, Haryana. Brought up in a business family in Delhi, he had always been interested in Real estate and Architecture. He completed his degree in B. Arch from Amity School of Architecture & Planning. He likes to keep himself updated with the knowledge of cutting-edge building materials and incorporates them in Turnkey projects.

Both Ar. Yukti Goel and Ar. Prince Katiyar started their professional career in 2018. Yukti started working as a junior architect and designer, under Mr. Rahul Gupta, 9th Corner Inc, Delhi based interior designing and architecture firm. In order to gain more exposure, she started looking for projects along with job. It was then, FLYP DESIGNS was established with a 700 sqft Restaurant Interior Design.

FLYP DESIGNS started off with a 700 sqft Restaurant Interior Design project, has successfully delivered more than 12 commercial and residential sites in the course of 2 years and has a good number of ongoing residential projects ranging from 2000 sqft to 10000 sqft area.

Making passion their profession was indeed a challenging journey when they had no family background pursuing any field of creativity. With a business background, adopting art and creativity as a career tested their patience and determination. They say,

“Having no family background in the same or similar field, the initial challenges faced were lack of Client base and finished sites. Initially project hunting and convincing clients was challenging. Luckily, we bagged our first Interior designing project a 700 sqft, Rustic themed Restaurant Interiors. But that too wasn’t a cake walk. A new set of challenges like, Small client budget, Tight Deadline and negligible design consultation fee were in front of us. Yet we successfully overcame all hurdles and delivered our first Design and execution project within a timeframe of just 21 days. Our first project helped us to understand that client budget is a very important aspect of Interior Design and Architecture. Our initial times have helped in shaping our vision and working patterns.”

Very successfully the duo architects could win over the challenges thus following their passion as profession and achieving the heights of success with their sole efforts. Their journey both in the personal as well as professional indeed is a n enlightening journey. Here is what they have to say about their major learnings:

“The past two years have been crucial in shaping our vision not only as an Architect or Designer but as a person also. Commitment to our clients and our work has made us disciplined and patient. Dealing with clients of different backgrounds and status helps us to widen our horizon and be a better designer. When we take up a project it’s not only a professional relationship, but we invest our time and energy into our clients and project. Patience and Consistency is the key to be successful in Design or any other field. A balance between creative and analytic thinking is mandatory to achieve desired outcomes.”

Their achievements can be very well seen in the excellent projects delivered by FLYP Designs. The most challenging and by far the best project delivered is OHIO HEALTH CAFFE, Khurja, Uttar Pradesh which was a Turnkey Project for the KPO Group of Companies, covering the area of 1200 sqft.  They briefly narrate,

“The client wanted us to transform an existing Physiotherapy Centre into a Nature inspired Luxury Beauty & Health Salon. 

The initial challenge faced was the location of site, the site was located in a semi – urban area with no other salon of similar facilities and size. Technical issues like voltage fluctuations, load shedding, material unavailability was faced in the project. A lot of Interior designing material as well as skilled labour was brought from Delhi.

The designing was done keeping in mind their USP i.e. Health salon. Artificial greens and wood were the major materials used in designing. Lighting was given special importance to enhance design. The façade was given a modern yet simple design in order to make it stand out from the precinct and attract clients.”

The duo architects’ successful journey is certainly an enlightening story to all and specially the young and the aspiring architects. Here are few words put forth by them as advice the upcoming professionals,

“‘All your dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them.’ – Walt Disney

Budding Designers and Architects should believe in themselves. Designing is an art. It requires passion. You have to enjoy designing in order to be a successful designer. Invest your time in updating your knowledge for contemporary materials and building techniques. Client satisfaction is the most important part of any designing project, understanding their requirements, interests etc. Upcoming architects and designers should incorporate sustainable and eco – friendly materials and building practices as it is the need of the hour.”


Their success story continues with many achievements to flow in future. Speaking about their future plans and actions, they convey,

“In the coming years, we plan to expand our team in order to cater more clients. At present we are handling 6-7 projects with the limited team members, in future we look forward to manage 15-18 sites at a time. In the coming years we have vision to support our turnkey projects with in-house furniture productions. We are looking forward to collaborations with builders and other successful architects. 

In the coming future, we would like to incorporate sustainable and eco-friendly materials and building practices in our designs, as being a new generation architect and designer, it is our responsibility to give back to the environment.”

Indeed, a noble plan!

Beginup wishes the duo architects and FLYP DESIGNS all the very best for their future endeavours!

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