Ratan Tata-The exemplary living legend – The Man who marked a difference

One hundred and a fifty-two years ago, the Tata Group was founded by the pioneer Jamsetji Tata in 1868. The group follows an intense nationalistic and patriotic approach. Under the visionary DNA of the Tata-s, their business policies have catapulted India towards its growth. Being Indian to its kernel, the group opened the Taj Mahal Palace overlooking the Arabian Sea in Mumbai, only to welcome those Indians where otherwise not allowed in major hotels of the British India in the early 1900s. The group has been thoroughly involved in nation building since its establishment. Within twenty-five years of its establishment, the group started the Tata Trusts in 1892 that symbolises humanitarianism at its peak.

The man behind the huge growth and the creator of innovative technologies, Ratan. N. Tata marked a difference in the field of business. Ratan. N. Tata has been brought up in an old and well-known business family and hence he had the art in his blood. A very highly educated business man with a Bachelor’s degree in architecture from Cornell University, USA and an advanced Management degree from the Harvard Business School, Ratan Tata began his career with a job at IBM on JRD Tata’s advice and joined Tata Group in 1962, for which he was sent to Jamshedpur to work on the shop floor at Tata Steel. In 1981, JRD Tata announced his succession to the very successful Ratan Naval Tata. Being born to Naval Tata, he inheres the uniquely Indian DNA in himself and so, since then, he has worked extensively in expanding the giving back policies of the Tata-s. Although, Ratan Tata  had to face criticism as he people questioned his inexperience to handle a large scale business, he turned down all their questions with his efficiency at work and ability to foresee the needs of the future, and after ten years of his entry into the Tata industries, he was appointed the Chairman of the Tata Group. Under his direction and supervision, the company achieved the zenith of success through several entrepreneurial ventures.

The Businessman with a completely different and unique bent of mind works rightly on the path of Tata-s that vision the business as an earning from the consumers only to give it back to the privileged. Ratan Naval Tata is a great philanthropist and about 66% of his share is vested in charitable trusts. Following the footprints of his ancestors, he has invested immensely in the building of this nation and secured various educational institutions and hospitals only for its upliftment.

Diving into his personality, he has been a leader of the likes never seen before for his sensitivity, humbleness, honesty and visions. In an interview, it was stated that once the very sensitive Ratan Naval Tata saw a family on a scooter, drenched in the rain, and thus emerged the thought of designing the Nano in his visionary mind. This gentleman used to live in a modest Parsi style 3 BHK house in Bakhtawar and only in his 70s did he make himself a bungalow. On a second note, his sensitivity has led him to invest heavily in protecting and securing the stray dogs.

It happened in February 2018, when Prince Charles organized an event to give Ratan Naval Tata a lifetime achievement award for philanthropy at Buckingham Palace. Ratan Tata called and informed that he shall not be able to come to the investiture as one his dogs, Tango or Titto, had fallen sick. To this Prince Charles had reportedly said, “That’s a man!” This is the simplicity and sensitivity of Ratan Tata towards life and every creature that happens to exist.

Not just that but he is a great visionary as well. He took the Tata group to a global reach and made it prominent all by himself. With over 395,000 employees, the group operates in over 80 countries and has over 90 operating companies in various different sectors under his leadership. It was possible only due to his visions that the cluster of many companies that were affiliated to Tata, united and the acquisition of Jaguar Land Rover, Corus and Tetley became possible. He launched the first made-in-India car called the Indica. All of the Tata Group’s 65% of the revenue that comes from abroad has been credited to none other than the visionary Ratan Naval Tata.

His visionary attitude can be well understood by his involvement as a member of the Prime Minister’s Council of Trade and Industry as well as an important person in the advisory board of the RAND’s center of Asia Pacific Policy.  He is also an active participant in the India’s AIDS initiative program. Ratan Tata shines with his list of foreign affiliations as well membership of the international advisory board of the Mitsubishi Cooperation, the American International Group, JP Morgan Chase and Booze Allen Hamilton. 

Ratan Tata’s list of achievements seems to be far from any end of recognition. He has been honoured with the Legend in Leadership Award from the Yale. He has been awarded honorary citizenship in Singapore. He won the ‘Businessman of the Decade’ Award by the Federation of Indo-Israeli Chambers of Commerce in 2010. And, the Tata Family has awarded him the Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy. Ratan N.Tata had also been honoured by the Government of India with the second highest Civilian Award, The Padma Vibhooshan , in the year 2008.

Ratan N Tata is an exemplary figure to the youth and the Business personalities who has proved to emerge successful defeating all the obstacles when the Tata Group had to face a global financial crisis the year 2008. Tata has also seen a difficult phase when it had negative working capital and was then facing cash liquidity. However, it took no time with his well vision and strategies to manage all the issues systematically.

The Industrialist Ratan N Tata has shifted the Tata trusts’ focus from charitable work to programs that seek to transform lives. His success story is indeed an inspiration to all the young entrepreneurs, businessman, industrialists and the aspiring youth who following his foot steps can learn the ethics of business.

And, he is still not considered old with his new entry to the social media platforms and crossing one million followers within a month of joining Instagram. Such is the aura of this great down to earth human being.

Dr  Anand Gopal Naik , the Founder of Beginup Research Intelligence Private Limited feels privileged to have been honored with the Young Entrepreneur Award during his early stage of  Entrepreneurial career by Shri Ratan Tata . 

Beginup expresses heartfelt gratitude to have been blessed by the renowned industrialists . 

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