Synectics Architects: Fulfilling Goals with Perfection|Dhananjay Pawar

With insightful designs at best and sustaining solutions, Synectics Architects is a firm with the best-defined projects served to the clients. It is founded by Architect Dhananjay Pawar – the maestro of designs and solutions who takes pride and celebrate his happiness after giving shape to a space and product with the economic and developmental constraints of all clients. The Artistic Entrepreneur says,

“Architecture in the real world is more rewarding. It’s difficult to describe the sense of pride I get

when walking through a completed project with the client. The countless redesigns, late nights,

and stressful deadlines are all worth it for a happy client in their new building”.

This of course inspired Architect Dhananjay to build his new world with the organization Synectics Architects at Nashik with a goal to provide imaginative Architectural solutions and aesthetic designs.

The Company has a versatile experience blessed with highly knowledgeable directors and trained and experienced Staff to handle any entrusted projects.

The Company till Today Serves In –

  • Architecture
  • Interior (Hospitality, Corporate, Industrial, Leisure, Residential, Institutional)
  • Landscape
  • PMC (Project Management Consultancy)
  • Product Design

Architect Dhananjay Pawar is a head honcho earning international professional experience by executing a restaurant in London, UK and other esteemed projects in India. He practises in various field of interest like architecture, interior and landscape. Apart from these, he has designed and managed projects ranging – a thousand sq. ft to million sq. ft areas in architectural designing, landscaping, master planning, interior designing and pmc services.

Architect Dhananjay was born in Dhule with a business background from his Maternal side. His hometown is Nashik but due to some uninvited circumstances he was born and brought up in his maternal family who took care of his schooling and upbringing in his early childhood. His father was a successful Lawyer and an eminent farmer. But due to his sudden unexpected demise before his birth he along with is family was shifted to his paternal house. Architect Dhananjay completed his schooling from Canossa Convent High School and then chased his dreams by joining BKPS college of Architecture Pune, an eminent Government college in Maharashtra.

The Architect used to work as a part time intern during his college days in an architect firm which enhanced his knowledge and made his approach towards design more matured. He started his professional practice after completing his graduation in 2007.

Life indeed had been full of challenges for Architect Dhananjay whose passion and curiosity to explore out of the box since his childhood led him to choose a path less followed by at a time. He was never interested in the regular academic system whereas let his mind learn from what was present around him and what his bare eyes could reach. He says,

 “I used to play with clay, bricks, blocks or whichever materials from which I can mould a building/bridge or any structure.”

The field of Architecture itself was a challenging decision and Architect Dhananjay very well fought to make his passion his profession. He states,

“Challenges are plenty when you dip your toes in the field of architecture with a vast ocean of opportunities. But you have to prove yourself at every level to learn its ins-and-outs continually.”

He faced various challenges in combatting the stereotypes, sustaining an income and finding new projects and making time for some hand sketching. The constant debate for good design over poor construction and bridging the generational gap were indeed challenging. Working sleepless nights and staying updated with the software development and staying updated with changes in design hardware were the constant challenges. Above all, battling with politics and arguing for good design over cheap construction had given him a tough time.

Challenges do not end there; they continue to push you during the early phases of product development and with initial customers. According to him, Architecture is in some ways a paradoxical profession. He states,

“On the one hand, it projects a popular image of the lone, creative genius, taking control over all aspects of a building project and forming them to their creative ideals. But in reality, most projects take a huge team of people, all working together to produce a building which usually represents the creative input of not only many different people, but many professions too. Convincing the client to visualize your dream. In that case you should be honest with your work. Again, the professional fees play an important role in surviving for yourself and your office for which we worked hard enough to get through all the economical hurdles. At times we were either underpaid, cheated at times or did some work for social favours in order to get more work in further. But all this made us strong enough professionally to get our appropriate fees henceforth.”

 So aptly, the rising entrepreneur could turn the challenges to successes. His list of achievements itself is a long essay. Here are few to name-

  1. Award For “BEST STRUCTURE OF THE YEAR” for our project “OWARA” restaurant at

 Nashik by ACE and ULTRATECH.

  1. Award For “THE YOUNGEST KEYNOTE SPEAKER” on M.S. Steel Structure by ULTRATECH.
  2. Award & Nomination For “BEST ARCHITECTURE DESIGN” for our project “OWARA” Restaurant under the YOUNG ARCHITECTS category By FOAID at Mumbai.
  1. Publication in SOCIETY INTERIOR magazine for our Architectural Projects.
  2. Publication in THE NASHIK INFRASTRUCTURE magazine for our Architectural and Interior designing projects.
  1. Several Publications and interviews in Newspapers.
  2. Was youngest architect to design and execute a Indian restaurant At LONDON in 2009 and 2014.
  1. JURY MEMBER for several Design Projects for several esteemed Institutions.
  2. MENTOR for art and craft jury for WISDOM HIGH INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL at Nashik.
  3. National Award for “THE BEST RESTAURANT DESIGN” by FOAID at Delhi.
  1. International Award for “Emerging Architect of the Year” by Global Architect Builder Awards 2020 at Dubai.
  1. National Award for Leading and Most Innovative Architecture and Interior Design Firm of the Year 2020″ Maharashtra. Award under “Residential Projects & Commercial Projects” Category for the year 2020.

Architect Dhananjay maintains professional affiliations as an Associate Member of The INDIAN INTITUTE OF ARCHITECTS and INDIAN INSTITUTE OF INTERIOR DESIGNERS. Synectics Architects has their Empanelment with NHM- National Health Mission, Tribal Development Department, PWD- Public Work Department, MHADA- Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority, Zilla Parishad and MUHS- Maharashtra University of Health Sciences.

To name the most challenging and successful project delivered, Architect Dhananjay mentions about Owara Restaurant (Hospitality / Restro). This project was designed and executed in 2014 and has won 4 National Awards thus creating a space in several premium magazines publications and winning one International Award recently in Dubai. He considers his own office Synectics Architects designed and executed last year (2019) in which they tried to incorporate all their dream spaces. This project recently got an International Award under the category ‘Emerging Architect of the Year 2020’ in Dubai.

Indeed, Architect Dhananjay’s professional as well as personal journey has been an enlightening journey. He conveys that he is still learning and gaining from his experiences. He considers gaining networking to be the key to advancement. He says,

“Don’t Get Upset by Clients who think they know everything about Architecture. Be patient, Educate and show multiple options (divergent thought processes) to open up thinking, be a professional. Remember that you were educated as an ARCHITECT (not him/her). Don’t Burn Bridges.The Architectural world is way too small. Your actions and decisions will be remembered. Voice Your Opinions.”

He further opines that the best ideas are never incorporated into projects unless they are heard, presented, and defended. He adds,

“Many processes in firms and details on projects can be improved if you simply point out a better solution to decision makers. An improvement is always appreciated by principals and clients. Differentiate Yourself and develop your unique skills and abilities. Demonstrate how they make you a better employee and contributor. Potentially utilize these skills to go out on your own. Technology will Lead the Way. You must stay at the forefront of technology.”

He asks to volunteer to learn new software and lead firm implementation and regards and says,

 “Sustainability is Your Calling and Opportunity.  If you endeavour to learn a lot about sustainability while in school, you will be able to share your knowledge with current practitioners and become peers. Take the sustainability lead within your firm. Save the Profession Architects aren’t compensated fairly because the general public doesn’t value (or know) what we do.”

He urges to ‘Teach-Share-Show-Demonstrate’ to others the ways to improve the world and welcomes the learned to be the Mentor. He says,

 “Help teach the next generation. A two-way street (look up, look back). You will learn something in the process, and be reminded why you joined this Profession.”

The upcoming professionals of this domain has a lot to learn and gain from the experiences and journey of Architect Dhananjay. He shares few words as advice to the aspiring Architects and Designers,

“My best advice for someone starting a practice is to find a place that you like and stay. Everything else will work itself out. As I did, you can overcome the lack of connections and people you know. Those come naturally with time. Work hard to do the best design work, but service your clients with the same enthusiasm and dedication. The service you provide, in most cases outweighs the design you create. Focus on a particular type of work, be it housing, commercial interiors, educational facilities, etc. But most of all: be patient! The practice of architecture takes time and it is very difficult to be successful on a large scale without first being successful at smaller scales. Small victories eventually lead to bigger opportunities. Surround yourself with individuals you trust who will be constructively critical, supportive, and who have a balanced appetite for innovation and reality. Be involved in the daily decisions of your firm; focus on the culture and the people; intellectual capital is your greatest asset while leadership from afar is a recipe for disaster. Manage your firm carefully; the economics and the design are equally critical; make the tough decisions. They’ll be worth it in the long run. Lastly, be brave, think big and have fun every day. Energy is infectious and breeds success.”

Such wonderful suggestions to every aspiring youth who must follow these words to build a career in this domain!

Architect Dhananjay has yet great plans to do wonders as there is no end to success and the future has lot many achievements to be placed in his success basket.

We wish Architect Dhananjay Pawar and Synectics Architects all the very best for all future endeavours!

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