The Covid Phase -Are dreams to study abroad shattered ? Are you ready for Plan B?

With the sudden outbreak of Covid19 and the innumerable untimely deaths caused by the deadly virus in the whole world, has led almost all the countries to lock down movements and activities. With unending and uncertain phases of lockdown, are the dreams of many students to study abroad shattered? With all the educational institutions shut down, will the students aspiring to pursue their career abroad stick to their decision and dreams to study in the foreign institutions, or will they choose to opt for plan B? Is the plan B ready at all or are the students dwelling in dilemma and broken hopes?

The craze to study abroad had always been an interest and fascination to a section of people in India who can of course manage to move abroad. The very belief that the career would be more brightened and the scope of opportunities would be more, the students of India make their plans to book their visas right from an early stage to avoid delay and difficulties at the last moment after the declaration of the school or college final results. For many who couldn’t manage seats in the top institutions of the country prefer to move out and pursue the courses of their interest rather than get into the local colleges or universities no matter how efficient the faculty may be. Many plan to undergo internships abroad in the hope of acquiring the best positions in the workplaces after they return with foreign work experience. However, with the sudden outbreak o pandemic, the hopes and dreams of many have been shattered letting them to dwell in dilemma waiting for the uncertain end of this wait. In such a scenario, the loss of a year seems to be a great worry where the future of the students may remain stranded.

With the suspended 12th exams, and the probability of evaluation on the basis of internal assessments or delayed exams, the students stay uncertain about their future plans. Many have been waiting to apply for courses or graduations in the foreign universities. However, with the suspended exams and foreign universities closed, the students seem to still waiting for answers to their future. Indeed, gone are the days of grades and marks. The students must be ready with plan B now. They must utilize their time in getting hold of online professional courses and get ready to study in their own country without letting any loss of years to their career. Many were supposed to move out with their visas ready with having filled the forms of many colleges abroad. Many who already got an admission, but are held back due to restrictions on international movements must think of reconsideration than shedding tears of worries. The interviews and admissions of all the colleges and universities abroad are held back due to the crisis the countries are facing around the globe. Most of the countries are under the uncertain phases of lockdown with the uncontrollable spread of the virus and deaths.

With such uncertainties, the world waiting yet to find the vaccine to the cure of corona, is it still safe to move out for studying abroad when in India, the picture is hopeful of controlled deaths and positive recovery cases? Is it the wise decision to wait for an uncertain period till the clampdown on International travels withdrawn? Or, even if the International flights are operated, will it be safe to move out and take the pain of settling abroad amidst the threaten of the deadly covid19? Will the foreign universities and organizations still welcome outsiders as interns or students during this crisis when their own Economy is shattered and the people are facing terrible recession?

In today’s scenario, the entire world is seen to run their schools, colleges, universities and even profession online, the taste of studying abroad has indeed faded.  Many who opt to study abroad as status symbol in spite of available opportunities in India seem to be disheartened as online classes can be undertaken from any corner of the world, and the beauty of staying abroad would no longer be an opportunity soon. Many who had been studying abroad are back to their country to stay safe and are happy to be back and adopt plan B.

Are the students ready with Plan B in such a situation? The students must shortlist the colleges and institutions offering the courses of their choice. They must have two career courses of choice not to bear any losses. The students aspiring to go abroad must keep their plan B ready by researching the list of institutions which can offer their courses. India is a country rich in knowledge and our education system is no longer lagging behind. Technology has enhanced the teaching and learning process and we are rich with highly knowledgeable teachers, professors and lecturers in the colleges and universities who can impart the best to the students. The students looking for internships must find out innovative ways to begin new ventures and try opportunities in the various organizations of India. The country today focusses on Indian products and there are various Government schemes promoting youth to begin their own ventures. So, why not exploring the ideas in our own Nation, enjoy the rich culture and exercise your talent and capabilities to the best till the crisis settles down and we are free from the deadly virus?

It’s time we teach our children to get ready with Plan B along with their first choice.

Beginup wishes all the students to excel in their career and secure their bright future in the Nation with their creativity and research!

Article by : Mousumi Kalita Sachdeva

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