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If you are residing with the limited idea of what the Fashion Industry is all about and the vast platform offering diverse opportunities to build your career, you must certainly get a glimpse of the plethora of prospects offered by JD Institute of Fashion Technology giving different dimensions to the term ‘Design’. JD Institute of Fashion technology has been leading the change in areas of art and design for more than 3 decades. One of the oldest and premier institute of art and design in India, the institution with a difference has been able to create a whole new world within the confines of the facility they provide which they term to be a world of imagination.

The aspiring youth with the taste and passion of fashion and design must not wander with loss of hopes when the dreams of studying abroad have almost shattered with the outbreak of deadly Covid 19. Many must have left the courses undertaken in the foreign universities in between with the dire need of returning to the Nation to stay safe with their families. When you have the best offering the best, the students or the aspiring youth in this domain must look up to the JD Institute of Fashion Technology and start building their dreams to excel in the fashion and Design Industry. JD Institute of Fashion Technology has always been lauded as one of the oldest institutes providing multi-disciplinary education in the field of art, design and management. They offer a galore of courses streamlined in to Undergraduate, Post-graduate, Diploma Courses, and Advanced Diploma Courses in the areas of Fashion Design, Interior Design, Jewelry Design, Fashion Communication, Fashion and Life-style Entrepreneurship, Fashion Business Management, Visual Merchandising, Fashion Photography, and Hair and Make-up Artistry. They also offer weekend courses for the professionals who wish to work and still pursue their dreams. One of the discerning factors of JD Institute of Fashion Technology is integrity. For them, the etiquette of learning and education is based on the factor of creative introspection encompassing the facilitators as well as the learners. They have always encouraged students to question every aspect of art and design so that they get a deep-rooted inspiration that will help them to bring their creative imagination to life. With 32 years of experience and functioning, the entire JD Fraternity are seen to grow strong with their vision and mission. Even during a testing time as today’s, JD Institute always portrays an uncanny resilience towards advancing the academic prowess in the field of art, design and management.

The JD Institute of Fashion and Technology has been in the industry for more than and have evolved ourselves as a globally renowned institution of Art, Design and Management that develops courses with the pulse of the needs of the industry. The Institute offers a spectrum of courses that are accredited to EQAC (The Education Quality Accreditation Commission), and affiliated to the university. Spreading its wings in 38+ cities, JD promises to provide an enriching environment that has the best infrastructure, experienced faculty and one-of-a-kind opportunities for students at every stage to engage with the industry locally as well as globally. Adding to it, the Institute also has its own Career portal called, ‘Creative Careers’ that facilitates the process of placement for the students passing out from the Institute. In the course of 30+ years of existence, they have associated and affiliated with varied renowned institutions around the world. To name a few, JD Institute is affiliated with Bengaluru Central University and Goa University for the degree courses (at Bangalore and Goa Centre). They are also accredited and associated with distinguished and esteemed bodies like Cumulus, Indo Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Indo French chamber of commerce and Industry, the council of EU chambers of business in India, EQAC (Education quality accreditation Commission, Spain). JD Institute is also creative partners with Adobe India, Autodesk, Medini, Institutional member of IIID, ADI and does collaborative and study abroad projects with KOEFIA, Rome, Italy, London College of Fashion, UAL Chelsea College of Arts, UAL and Georgian College, Canada.

Chandraakant Dalal, the Founder builds high hopes and stands as an exemplary figure in drawing a path to many students who dream out of the box and embrace fashion to be their passion. His message is certainly an enlightening lesson to all-

“I believe that the students need a little imagination and the willingness to work hard to convert their dreams into success. The father of advertising, David Ogilvy, scrounged around as an apprentice chef and a door-to-door salesman before he entered advertising. The rest, as they say, is history. So, don’t worry about skills, they can be learnt. Instead, develop and articulate your imagination which is your unique way of looking at the world. Today, the Design industry is more fragmented and competitive than ever. But that also means it is ripe for bold and imaginative ideas that can leave a mark on the industry. All you need is a confident mind and training and you can get there too”.

A true Visionary in Fashion and Lifestyle Education started the Journey of JD Institute of Fashion Technology in Mumbai in 1988 keeping the seed of imagination in mind. His vision, leadership, and encouragement enabled over 20,000 students to succeed in the market place. His passion and stewardship to create a change in the ideas, society and industry resides in every member who thrives to give the best to the learners.

R.C Dalal the Co-founder, an Iconic and People Developer, was a pioneer in Fashion and Arts Education who took this journey to the next level. His gamut of knowledge and experience helped JD Institute of Fashion Technology to be one of the top Institute in Fashion Technology.

His Interest lay in promoting the art, craft and culture of India on the International platform. Under his aegis, JD Institute organized numerous exhibitions, fashion shows, and other networking events to promote their talent and designs to the Industry world. R.C Dalal’s dream of JD being recognized at Global level, translated into reality. One of the major milestones was the participation of JD Institute at Bollywood Festival Norway as the Fashion Partner. Apart from the academics, he also committed himself to many CSR activities. He was awarded “The Hero to Animals” by Poorva Joshipura, Vice President of International Affairs, PETA, UK for his contribution to animal-friendly fashion.

His love for Fashion and his aim to take his country to new heights made him consort for India Fashion Week, London along with Mr. Manny Singh in the year 2015. To honour Mr RC Dalal for all his efforts, contribution, association and dedication for supporting India Fashion week and taking it to new heights, the “RC DALAL MEMORIAL AWARD” was instituted to confer the top designer talent at the India Fashion Week, November,201

Nealesh Dalal, Managing Trustee, JD Educational Trust is amongst the prominent revolutionaries who shaped the base of the JD Institute of Fashion Technology. Taking the Vision forward and the dream set by his father, Nealesh has made immense contribution in the field of Art, Design and Management Education. In 2002, he became the Managing Trustee of JD Educational Trust and has led exceptional work with his systematic approach that involves several path-breaking analyses like the interpretation of design, innovation, technology and market intelligence to name a few. As a frequent commentator on Fashion and Design, he lends his expertise to various events in the industry. He aims to redefine fashion and design education in India in sync with local and global standards. He is an energetic leader who works with a mission to keep students at the centre of all initiatives.

His zest, strong belief in the power of imagination and sense of exuberance has made JD Institute be the Global League Institute in India (Certified by Great Place to Study).

Sandra Agnes is currently working as the Director-South of JD Institute of Fashion & Technology . She is a holder of Master degree in Social Work (Medical and Psychiatric, Family and Child Welfare and Counseling) from School of Social Work, Roshinilaya, Mangalore. She has also attained a Diploma in Public Communication and Fund Raising from Murray Culshaw Consulting (sponsored by Ford Foundation). With an experience of 5 years in Dalit Microfinance Federations as Regional Training Coordinator and 2 years as a national fundraiser for National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights, she has been instrumental in giving a new dimension to societal responsibilities based on humanitarian grounds.

JD Institute of Fashion Technology has always tried to dignify the process of Academics with the essence of integrity, imagination, and innovation. They have always strived to premier education through creative learning strategies, and through realistic research and co-curricular programs to sharpen students’ abilities. Their program is designed in a way that students are constantly given opportunities to consult with mentors and stalwarts from the industry to understand and analyze the contemporary developments and business trends. At JD, each and every program module is designed to challenge students and encourage them to tackle real-world issues. This is achieved through amazingly dedicated faculty and the state-of-the-art facility developed with a lot of intensive care. They have installed futuristic technology and ultra-modern tools to keep up with the contemporary trends of the industry. JD Institute has 38 facilities throughout the nation and still counting. With this immense effort and success, they have been able to enjoy a great reach in to the talent bowl of diverse India.

The diverse courses offered by JD Institute of Fashion and Technology:

Degree Courses:

BSc. in Fashion and Apparel Design – 3 Years

BSc in Interior Design & Decoration – 3 Years

Diploma Courses:

Diploma in Fashion Design – 1 Year

Diploma in Interior Design – 1 Year

Diploma in Fine Jewelry Design – 1 Year

Diploma in Fashion Styling – 3 Months

Diploma in Fashion and Lifestyle Entrepreneurship – 5 Months

Diploma in Makeup and Hairstyle Artistry – 6 Weeks

Diploma in Jewelry Design (CAD) – 6 Months

Diploma in Fashion Business Management – 1 Year

Diploma in Visual Merchandising – 6 Months

Diploma in Fashion Photography – 3 Months

Diploma in Interior Design – 1 Year

Advanced Diploma Courses:


Advanced Diploma in Interior Design – 3 Years

Advanced Diploma in Fashion Design – 3 Years

PG Diploma Courses:


PG Diploma in Fashion Communication – 2 years

PG Diploma in Fashion Design and Business Management – 2 years

PG Diploma in Interior and Spatial Design – 2 years

Study Abroad:

International Certificate Program in Fashion Styling – 40 days

International Certificate Program in Retail Styling – 40 days

The students have access to one of the refined in-house Library, Digital Pilling Tester, Crease

Recovery tester, Air Permeability tester, projection microscope, Croke meter, drape master, digital

light fastness tester, Light busting Strength Tester, Digital Tensile Testing machine, Washing

Fastness tester, Drape Studio, Jewelry Metallurgy Lab, Gemology lab, 3rd Printer, Sewing Lab and many more facilities.

The entire fraternity of the institute perpetually inspires and encourages the students to follow the essence of different virtues, such as Imagination, Innovation, Sustainability, and Eco-Friendly Approach. Having asked about their suggestions and opportunities to the students, here is what they have to say,

“We consider our students as a citizen of our world of imagination. And as a citizen, we try to sow the seed of a strong creative character and water it with integrity, and proudly watch the transformation of talent in to stalwarts of the art and design industry. JD Institute of Fashion Technology has always given utmost importance while developing a curriculum. Our approach in creating a learning journey has been intense, focused, industry oriented, rewarding and recognized globally. In the prospect of opportunities, JD Institute doesn’t leave any stones unturned in shining the spotlight on the inherent creative talent of students. We always partner with various fashion shows/events as a way of providing young minds a platform to take the center stage. With our JD Annual Design Awards, we provide a forum for our students to demonstrate their innovation and abilities to create a stronghold in the world of Fashion, Interior, Jewellery, photography, Fashion communication.

We constantly strive to provide our students with global exposure with our international styling program with renowned art and design institutes. They lean from industry experts and experience art and design education at global stage. Apart from learning, they also be a part of various fashion shows and design festivals in cities like London, Paris etc. along with experiencing cuisine, and travel.”

JD Institutes of Fashion Technology plans to curate design across local as well as a global level without forgetting their roots. They believe in training the youth as they believe they are the future change-makers and leaders in innovation.

The Post Covid phase will demand young professionals to build up the growth of this Industry with a change with innovative ideas and techniques. And what can be the best when you have an institution with varied outlooks training the students in diverse areas to rule the industry of Fashion and Technology!

To know more about the wings of JD Institution of Fashion and Technology, you can visit-


Beginup expresses heartfelt gratitude to the entire Fraternity of The JD Institution of Fashion and Technology for enlightening us with their diverse services in the field of Education and Career.

                              We wish them all the very best for their future endeavours!

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