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“The man of Artistic Structures” – is how Ar. Dhileep is known to Architecture Fraternity of Chennai.  Gaining abundance of experience internationally, he chose to carry his vast experience to India to offer the local clients with a range of fresh ideas & concepts which paved way to the formation of his esteemed Code-D Architects. Such is the love for work as well the love for his motherland and the effort to enlighten the aura of Architecture in India.

Early Life –

Architect Dhileep is from Pondicherry. After his schooling, he got placed in one of the historical Institution of INDIA, Anna University,School of Architecture & Planning (SAP), where he completed his 5 years of Under Grad. His mother, an eminent Professor by profession, found his interest in creativity and took charge to channelize his career into Architecture. Coming from an industrial Business family background, Dhileep’s interest to serve the society as an Architect has always been the top priority, despite having no background on construction industry to support. He kept his passion & dreams alive and became ready to explore the unexplored.

Professional Career –

Architecture being a creative profession, Ar Dhileep has always enjoyed every bit of hardship with sheer dedication & passion to learn the profession. During his tenure as an intern at CnT Architects (Bangalore), Dhileep has always caught everyone’s eyes with his sincere efforts and remained as a GO-TO-MAN for the Directors of the Firm. In 2009, right after college, Dhileep’s THESIS Project was recognised by one of the Biggest Global Architecture Firms, (AEDAS) which offered him the role of an ARCHITECT. From there, there was no turning back to Dhileep’s Professional journey. The very first project he started working on was, the Iconic Mega Structure of Singapore “MARINA BAY SANDS SKY PARK”.

Professional Expertise –

It was indeed a proud achievement to have won the opportunity to work at AEDAS ARCHITECTS, a globally renowned firm in Singapore. Having worked there for 7 years and gaining a vast amount of experience in Real estate Market of Asia and the Middle East, Ar.Dhileep decided to take the next big leap of creating his own world of architecture with a difference aided by his wide-ranging experiences. Having worked on an array of projects during his tenure at Aedas Architects, Ar.Dhileep’s project experience includes

  • Transit Design Architecture
  • Retail
  • Master Planning
  • Cineplex
  • Hotel
  • Office
  • High Rise Residential.

He was also in charge of Construction Documentation of one of the biggest shopping mall in AISA, located in Singapore (Suntec City).

The Start of Code-D Architects

The Maestro came up with his Code-D Architects, a venture in February 2016 and has come a long way in just 4 years. Creating Opportunity for Design is the vision that defines ‘Code-D Architects’. With Ar.Dhileep at the helm, they strive to offer world class design solutions that are tailor made to suit every client’s requirements.

Services provided by Code-D Architects Firm-

  • Architecture Consultancy
  • Structural Consultancy
  • Interior Design Consultancy
  • Master Planning
  • Landscaping
  • Project Management (PMC)
  • Statutory Liaising  

                      “Creating Opportunity for Design Delivery                                                                             ———— Code-D Architects ————

Architect Dhileep states that working for Singapore projects seemed like a cake walk for a young professional like him to deliver High-Quality Architectural Projects to perfection. But Professional Practice in India was a nightmare to him in the initial stages and had pushed him to Ground Zero to foresee every department of the Project, mainly when the Design rolled out on Site. He says,

“The Construction professionals needs to be scrutinized by Qualified Professionals periodically. Mal-practices, non-professionals should be BLACK LISTED periodically, to ensure Ethical Practice & Quality Built-Environment.”

Indeed, every new venture is challenging and building up a market in India after serving abroad needs deep study and sleepless toils. However, where determination leads your goals, success is sure to follow. His confidence won clients and he stands today as a trustworthy architect with his Team     Code -D Architects. He happily expresses,

“Honestly! We are lucky to have good client base overall. Beyond delivering Quality Product, we stick to the promised Project TIME-LINE & Project COST, which is our key business principle, that has always multiplied Client base for Code-D Architects.”

He further expresses his gratitude to his experiences earned while speaking about his professional journey,

“Thanks to the work experience earned at Singapore with AEDAS Architects, for the biggest breakthrough in my early part of career, and thanks to all my DIRECTORS back in Singapore, from whom I’ve learnt the Art of Business. The best part is, for 7 years straight I worked only with AEDAS Architects in Singapore. And I cherish my work experience back there.”

Our maestro has indeed achieved a milestone and he has more to achieve. Apart from various Award, Dhileep has acclaimed Professional Credentials like-

  • Membership in Council Of Architecture (COA) India.
  • Membership in Indian Institute of Architects (IIA) India.
  • Certified Transit Design Architect, by Land Transport Authority (LTA Singapore) & Singapore institute of Architects (SIA).
  • Green Mark Manager (Part-01 by BCA,Singapore).

Challenges continue to flow and it was never less before nor in the present. Speaking about his challenges, he opines,

“Back in Singapore- just starting work (as a fresh graduate) being assigned to work in one of the world’s MEGA STRUCTURE (Marina Bay Sands sky park),was a biggest challenge ever, as the scale of the project is unimaginable.   

In my Practice here- choosing right professionals for execution and to deliver a Quality Product, without compromising Material & Safety, is a Challenge forever!”

 The maestro architect is surely an example to all the aspiring architects who dream to live their life with artistic structures. The young have a lot to learn from him. To all the aspiring professionals here he shares his valuable suggestion,

 “There is no early Success! We just have to stay focused on our Vision & Journey. And prior to starting an Architecture Office, a minimum 5 years of work experience is mandatory.”

Code- D Architects as a Growing Architectural Firm collaborates with multi-disciplinary Consultants in Chennai City to deliver High Quality Architectural Product.

“What sets Code-D Architects apart from the rest, is the fact that they believe in Clarity and Simplicity being the key in every project that they take up. Ar.Dhileep believes that the key to survival in such a competitive market here is to set realistic expectations for the client and not just meet them but try and exceed them, in every Project they deliver.”

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 We as a team believe one thing in common, “whatever good thing we build, end up building us”

Beginup Research Intelligence Private Limited wishes all the very best to our Maestro Architect Dhileep and his Code-D Architects for all the future endeavours!

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