The Trending Video Conferencing Apps In India

The world has suddenly changed bringing in huge transformation in the life style and the work culture thus crowning Technology as the supreme power in controlling the lives. In India, where people believed 8am or 9am to 7pm working hours sitting erect in their office chairs no matter they were piled with work or no work at all, the sudden change is indeed a challenge to all. The offices lay vacant and work from home becomes the necessity with the sudden crisis posed by Covid 19.  The call centres are operating from home and the meetings and conferences are held through video conferencing. Even the Educational institutions are operating from home with technology as the greatest support. In such a scenario, video conferencing has become the frequent method to function the business or the office duties. Thanks to the Technology and the creation of various trendy applications which have turned to be a blessing to all during this life-threatening pandemic.

Various organizations and workplaces are functioning through video apps that are seen to be trending and making things easier. Let us have a glimpse of the top trending video apps which are seen to grab the market for business operations and as well as all the official functions in India.

  1. ZOOM: Right from the universities to the schools and various work places, zoom cloud meetings- the most viral app, has been widely used for classes, lectures, announcements and all meetings and conferences. Schools are extensively using this app to conduct online classes and, in fact coaching and professional courses are held through this application as it can connect to unlimited members at one time. It is a convenient platform to work as a team and comfortably connect with the clients. The app delivers high-quality video, audio, screen sharing, and cross-platform instant messaging no matter what your location is. It can be connected to mobiles, laptops, macs or any electronic media device and it can be accessed through Wi-Fi, 4G LTE, and 3G networks too. Although there had been a controversy regarding the security breach and leaking information, the app has successfully turned down the doubts and still remains the most convenient and trending video conferencing app. Zoom is available in both IOS as well as Android but requires no charges to install.
  1. SKYPE: Although skype has been already popular for chats and videocalls among the young section of the society and for the people to connect with friends and relatives staying abroad, today it has become the trending app at the various workplaces. It helps to connect to 25 members and can be operated through the mobile, laptops, desktops as well as landline phones. Skype facilitates to send SMS messages, place voice calls, send GIFs, chat, share photos and videos, or share the screen for business presentations. The Skype-to-Skype calls are free, yet it may incur data charges, so it is recommended to have an unlimited data plan or Wi-Fi connection to work on skype.


  1. HANGOUTS: Hangout was initially launched for friendly or casual chats on mobile; however gradually it stayed left out amidst so many casual meet apps. Today, Google hangout has become an active platform for business talks through video conference bringing together the entire up to hundred members irrespective of any location. It works with Google calendar and seeks the permission for Google to access the participant’s camera, microphone, and photo library in order to use the app.
  1. GOTOMEETING: This app has been popular as the desktop app. However, the sudden change in the work culture highlights the mobile reach which is accessible for any conference or meeting in almost all the locations of this earth. The smartphones or tablets enable to host a meeting from anywhere one is through audio, face to face meets and video conferencing. Moreover, it gifts us the ability to share the device screen with meeting participants, the option to hand off presentation control to various attendees, and the ability to view presentations too. This app seems more professional and helpful to the users as it enables to see all the upcoming meetings and join with a tap, as well as get alerts when a meeting is about to start or chat with other attendees. Many educational institutions are seen to use this app including the professors of IGNOU at some centres to conduct online classes. So, don’t you find this to be quite professional?


  1. CISCO WEBEX MEETINGS: Webex Meetings offer integrated audio, video, and content sharing with highly secure web meetings from the Cisco Webex cloud from your respective locations. This app is used professionally world wide to conduct online conferences and presentations or any event directly from iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch while operating with hands-free voice commands using Siri. One can schedule and start web meetings from the browser, desktop/mobile app, or video device and also customize the video layouts, share content (including 3D files), or screen to everyone, and, for iOS, easily sign in using Face ID or Touch ID.


  1. MICROSOFT TEAMS: An app for office 365 easily accessible from any mobile device. All conversations, files, meetings, and apps share a workspace to be accessed through mobile. As a teamwork hub, Teams lets you manage projects on the go complete with file editing and sharing. One can connect face-to-face with HD audio and video and join meetings from any location. Although it was once used more for private chats or casual chats in groups and less for professional purposes, today the app has turned to be a medium of business conferences and client dealings through audio as well as video conferencing. One can communicate in designated channels, save conversations, customize notifications, search chats and conversations, and get enterprise-level security while he/she is at it. The app requires a paid commercial subscription to Office 365 or a free or trial subscription of Microsoft Teams.

Many other apps such as flock, RingCentral Video, Lifesize, Ryver, HighFive, Zoho Cliq, Blizz and more apps are explored and are under use and trial for business meetings and conferences and to keep the organizations and companies functional.

Indeed, the world is changing. Work from home ruled by technology somehow is testing the high capabilities of our nation’s employers as well as the employees. The things which seemed impossible a year ago have suddenly been made possible just in a month. The vehicles to the workplaces have been converted to apps thus causing less or no pollution in the country. It is saving much time where the leisure sitting in the office chairs would no longer bug the professionals. The functioning of businesses and companies are able to multi-tasking by working through the trending apps. The distant employees, clients and associates no longer have to stuck in the traffic for hours in the streets rather utilize the time in a productive way. Video Conferencing thus has become the best method of functioning dealings turning work to be more productive. Thanks to Technology which is helping economy to fight against Covid19.

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