TRANSFORMING A SPACE INTO AESTHETIC BEAUTY | Meet Mitali Aharam, The Founder of ‘Crafted Spaces’

Crafted Spaces a brand in itself managing to create a strong foothold in the residential and commercial gamut by designing massive villas as well as offices, is a design studio that undertakes Architectural and Interior Design Projects around the country based out of Hyderabad, India. Blending Indian elements with the modern taste, the studio transforms space into aesthetic beauty.

Crafted Space was Co-founded in 2014 Designer Mitali Aharam. In a short span of six years, the firm has managed to design, execute and handover projects in the hospitality, commercial and residential segments. With a number of varied project styles under their portfolio, Crafted Spaces has created a niche in the hospitality segment by designing and styling numerous restaurants of high repute. Sticking to budgets, maintaining timelines and delivering without compromising on the design perspective and aesthetics of the project are few of the reasons why a majority of the clients keep coming back to Crafted Spaces for most of their new projects. The Company makes is a point to know all of their clients and always remain flexible to their needs and budgets. Whether it be their homes, stores or restaurants they follow one simple rule – ‘Form Always Follows Function!

Designer Mitali was born in Hyderabad on September 10, 1987. The Family then moved to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for a few years before coming back to Hyderabad. Growing up, the move from Saudi Arabia to India when she was just 10, was a drastic change in aesthetic. The basic visual and space design was very different. she narrates,

“I remember being fascinated with my Grandparents ancestral home. I loved every bit of it, with its courtyards, verandahs, semi-open spaces, the play of heights and shadows. In a way I think it made me more aware of design at a very young age. I spent many summer holidays, exploring, sketching, painting and wandering there and that philosophy of space, and movement had a big impact on me. My Family always knew I would get into a creative field and they always supported me to help reach and achieve my goals.”

Her Alma Mater is Gitanjali School, Begumpet, Hyderabad. She did her Secondary Schooling from Little Flower Junior College. She graduated in 2010 from C.S.I.I.T(JNTU Hyderabad) with Architecture. She says,

“Design School taught me that Architecture and Design begins with an abstract idea and a concept but sometimes you shouldn’t be afraid to throw away a good idea if it doesn’t fit the brief or the functionality of the space.”

Designer Mitali underwent Internship for 6 months at Shilpa Sindoor Architects in Bangalore with Architects Shankar Kanade and Navnath Kanade. Shankar Kanade, on his own initiative, developed an indigenous construction technology, known as ‘Chhapadi’ in Karnataka. It is highly labour intensive and uses local resources, people and materials. They designed and built several Residences, Institutions and Mass housing projects. Mitali primarily worked on Institutional and Residential Projects and supervised the new phase of their work for Sarojini Naidu School of Arts and Communication in Hyderabad with them.   

She has gained good experience in the period 2010-2014 at Aparna Karve Design Consultants in Hyderabad with Aparna Karve. Aparna Karve, a well-known Interior Designer, established her firm in 1992 and her portfolio spread across Residential,Commercial, Hospitality, Institutional, Retail, Sound and Light shows and Set Design. Mitali was primarily tasked with the design development and execution of several Hospitality, Residential, Commercial and Retail Interior design projects. Along with spearheading all the Architecture Projects, she got the opportunity to work on the prestigious Sound and Light Show at Ross island Andamans.

Mitali started her professional practice with her Business partner, Supriya Lolayekar in October 2014. The tragic and untimely passing away of my Mentor and Boss at that time, Aparna Karve, a prominent Interior Designer in Hyderabad, led to her to complete some of Aparna’s Projects and then eventually gave way to Crafted Spaces in October 2014. She states’

 Growing up my goal was to have my own company by the time I was 30, and it gives me great joy to have achieved that goal sooner than expected!

Crafted Spaces specialise in Design Consultancy, that encompasses Detailed Design Conceptual Presentations, 3d’s, Drawing timelines, Design Refinement, Costing and Budgeting, Sourcing elements Locally, Appointing and co-ordinating with Contractors, Site Supervision and Inspection, MEP/HVAC/Landscaping Consultation, Site Set up and finally the Handover!

The Founder and Designer says,

“I have always been fascinated and passionate about design. My design foundation is based on the belief of ‘Less is More’. My design aesthetic is Modern Indian, and I love experimenting with colour, texture and materials. The joy of transforming a space from nothing to something sacred to someone is what drives me to keep designing. Simplicity and functionality blended with character, quirk and eclecticism is what I try to achieve. Design is all around us, we have to learn from it, try and improve upon it and know what needs to stand out and what needs to blend in.”

Designer Mitali was a part of Igen top 50 young Architects in 2019 by Architect & Interiors India and the firm was a part of 2019’s 50 Phenomenal Architects and Designers in India by Interiors & Décor Magazine. Mitali also won the Good Homes Award for Best Fusion Interiors In 2019.

Regarding challenges faced in her professional career, she speaks,

“There are a lot of challenges that come at different stages and in different forms. One of the main challenges is on-time site handovers. Our goal is to strive to meet deadlines and giving the Client everything, they hoped for as the end result.”

She finds herself fortunate to have not been  threatened much by challenges faced with initial customers or during product development as she enjoys free hand and exploration of her own unique ideas in designs and buildings. She says,

I think we have been very lucky till date and have had Clients who give us a free hand and let us achieve the look and vision we want to keeping in mind their use and functionality. Initially it does take time to get to know the Client and understand their requirements and design aesthetic, but that’s the process that evolves the design.”

Designer Mitali speaks about her most successful and challenging project delivered,

“A project I recently completed, a residential Villa in Hyderabad, The Colour Abode, is very close to my heart. ‘The Colour Abode’, as the name suggests, this home is a bold display and use of colour and colour sets the tone in every space. The Clients Love Colour and they weren’t afraid of letting us experiment with bold combinations, textures and new materials. The challenge was to create bright and colour dominated spaces in tune with all ages of the Family. This Villa reflects Indian Elements and beliefs but with a play of modern and contemporary. Each Space has been given one bright colour either on the wall or the Floor or the furniture.

Her professional and personal journey is indeed an enlightening journey. She states,

“Hard work, is the key to any profession, not just ours. That has been my motto from day one.”

To the aspiring designers, she has the following words,

“Keep your mind open, and always be ready to learn, learning is constant. Work hard, stay positive, be humble and kind and If you have a mentor always take advice from them.”

With her learning, she certainly has set her long-term goals and she speaks about her future plans:

“Design is my passion, so I am constantly trying to do better and improve and create timeless designs. I want to create greener and more environmentally friendly spaces and bring Greenery not just outside but inside our living spaces as well.”

 What a noble and much needed concept with concern towards our environment!

Beginup wishes Designer Mitali and her Crafted Spaces all the very best for her future endeavours!



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